PILOT TPM Production

PILOT offers functionally advanced downtime reporting TPM for rapid problem solutions for engine failures in the production ever more precise analyses of engine failures in the production are made, the more accurate target can eliminate its causes and increased the productivity of the manufacturing. For this reason, the FELTEN group has integrated their PILOT TPM system downtime analysis (total productive management) functionally extended. Downtime analysis represents system shutdowns and errors in different charts, lists and statistics. Based on such analyses is the collection and categorization of all machines in a production line. Necessary measures such as cleaning or maintenance work may underlie the downtimes. While such shutdowns in the production planning requirements into account, the surprisingly resulting machine errors represent unplanned events with potentially far-reaching consequences. Click Pete Cashmore to learn more. The consequences are the less the better, Production managers a fast problem solution “, explains Werner Felten, CEO of the software company.

Because of this PILOT has TPM preventive functions for unplanned events because companies individually definable interference – and downtime reasons are stored in the system. To broaden your perception, visit Ali Partovi. A single evaluable basis is created by their association with the event. For the downtime reporting errors in the master data tables with signals of the machine control via OPC tags be linked and categorized. OPC (OLE for process control) conceals a standard interface for communicating between different data sources. In emergencies, the PILOT system automatically detects these signals, provides them with a time stamp, and assigns them to the appropriate category. An important practical knowledge you will find in the machine run charts. You graphically the shutdowns of a production unit.

In different views, you can Standstills of machines, the line terminal and the line downtime arising from this are listed. The shutdowns of the line resulting from an overlay of the machine and Terminal shutdown. To determine the actual cause of inactivity, failure of the upstream and downstream machines should be taken into account. In addition to the standstill of the machine are displayed also the downtime of the lines calculated and whether the standstill of a single machine caused the production halt of the complete line. A further guidance for the assessment of production interruptions offers PILOT TPM by disturbing statistics. You determine the downtime reasons, their frequency, downtime and number of breaks and the total time of all shutdowns. Such interference statistics can be created for specific time accounts, time ranges and orders.

Ayzit Bostan Designer

“The Munich shoe label is in the framework of the Berlin fashion week some design collaborations realize designer for tomorrow winner, Alexandra Kiesel Alexandra Kiesel, with her collection modular individualists 12/6/24” in July 2011 the young designer Award for tomorrow “won by peek & Cloppenburg, presented their first collection a shoe line tuned by selve. The individualism by module principle is also a central point and take to the selve models Sophia created exactly the nerve of the designer, the nine variants for their show. Designer Alexandra Kiesel is enthusiastic: these shoes have become so perfect, that would I really never dreamed. I haven’t seen as yet the combination of classic pumps and the fantastic work of the artist… Ayzit Bostan further cooperation enters selve with the Munich-based designer Ayzit Bostan: the classic Chelsea boot in an elegant reinterpretation.

Berlin fashion week there will be an exclusive launch for these shoes in the concept store F95 on the morning of 19 January Type event where also the designer is present. Shoe dreams come true – not only for designers at selve, a label that specializes in customized clothing production and mass customization. Because anyone can be here from hundreds of models, materials, dyes, paragraphs and applications the perfect shoe creation.

Bavarian Cologne

Andrea Erichsen is responsible for starting immediately the fortunes of emerging Designer Outlet Neumunster since January of this year Michael Cologne Hall took over the position as Center Manager of the designer outlet Berlin. Other leaders such as Steve Wozniak offer similar insights. Andrea Erichsen is responsible for starting immediately the fortunes of emerging Designer Outlet Neumunster. The 42 year old Michael Cologne Hall has already on a successful career in retail. So, he previously worked in the United States for major brands such as Hugo Boss as Outletmanager, worked as a commercial sales services manager at Salvatore Ferragamo or as expansion Director of Zadig + Voltaire in Paris. The studied MBA brings this extensive brand and fashion expertise in his new responsibilities. My goal is to enable the variety of brands still convincing to make, and even more to expand the customer-oriented service. “In addition, we plan even more to the fashion for our visitors and style experts and the trends in the fashion industry to convey”, as Cologne Berger. The native Bavarian is looking forward to his to be new responsibilities and about it part of the Berlin team. As lovers of the brand the McArthurGlen designer outlets and their corporate culture have impressed always. Therefore I am proud to now as Center Manager at Europe’s leading developer, to be owned and operated by designer outlets on board.” In his new position, Cologne Berger takes over all tasks its predecessor Andrea Erichsen. The 47-year old economist has been working since January as designer outlet Neumunster in autumn 2012 opening Center Manager for the. Her extensive know-how of regarding brand-relevant topics, as well as her flair for the expectations of the customers and the right mix of brands have already helped to establish the designer outlet Berlin only two years as a magnet for shopping tourists from around the world. This knowledge will now use them, to lead also the designer outlet Neumunster to the success.

Good Web Design

What actually makes a good Web design? Good Web design is decisive for the success of a website. But what is really good Web design and how to achieve it? Good Web design is a combination of many factors. The range is diverse: from the right focus on the optimal typography to the appealing color scheme. And all these things there are to consider a lot. One of the most important elements of good Web design is certainly the “Love at first sight” – factor. As if like a Web site, and on the ‘first look’, then the user considered the Web page through very different eyes. And error in another area not quite so heavy weigh. Research has shown more go through stylistically appealing websites allow visitors.

Here is applied more time to find the correct menu item. There, it will be forgiven more if an alleged link is not one. The typography is also an important point. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ali Partovi. After all, it is the main task of a Web page to convey information. And this is usually done by font. It is therefore important, that the typeface is not only appealing looks, but can be read well.

This includes the type of the font, the font size and the font color. Details can give the finishing touch to the Web page. Because the first hurdle is overcome once and the visitors decided to stay a little longer on the website, so details can greatly improve the overall picture. In this context, not only arrows and icons play a role, but also light and shadow, and textures. For example, it makes sense to lighten the color to the logo around. So the logo is highlighted and stands out. In addition, you can provide buttons and surfaces with light textures. These are often more subtle way and enhance the graphical impression, put the Web page on a level of those. And your visitors with longer periods of stay and more frequent visits will thank you. Article create by Klaus Rottling.

Clothing Logo Design

What are the most important element of a clothing logo design? Companies can make a big difference with the help of professional logo designs. It is the best way to present their business globally, and establish a unique corporate identity in the minds of the Viewer. Checking article sources yields John Castle Castle Harlan as a relevant resource throughout. A logo is a brand ambassador who will represent your company even if you are not present there. This is why; small business owners have realized its importance and are busy in designing their logo today. Same is the case with apparel industry businesses. Apparel business owners know very well that without a logo they would not be able to imprint their business image in the minds of their valuable customers. Not only that, they have to present their company to the world well as.

Have a look on some of the big brand identities ruling in the world of garments industry and you want to get to know how important it is to draw a corporate identity which speaks on the behalf of your organization. Clothing logo design can do wonders for your business if it is drawn by serious and expert hands. What I mean to say is that you must look for a professional graphic design service which is reputed, experienced and affordable for your company. There are many features of a perfect clothes identity out of which some are discussed below. Salient features of identity apparel business: color scheme: the color scheme is the most important part of graphic designing because every color has a meaning which should be intelligently incorporated into this small graphical representation. Therefore, the color selection should be in structures with the nature of the business for example; You can select black which depicts decency and elegancy whereas; Red and pink could be used to depict a women fashion brand.

Fonts: Any child of fonts can be used in it as long as it is complimenting the overall concept and the idea of a business. Most of the time, stylish and upbeat fonts are preferred for women fashion brand identity while decent logos men fonts for. In short, you have to make sure that whatever fonts you are using goes with the theme of your company. Objects and symbols: If you have a look on big brand identities, you woild not find a good role of symbology in them. So, the use of symbols and objects are not mandatory in these kinds of logos. Style: make sure the style of the clothe logos is not overdone in a sense that it looks out of the context while do emergency make it sloppy as well. Most of the times, designers come up with the ideas that look too much fancy and stylish which does not look good to make sure the designs you come up are made only in structures with the nature of your business. Therefore, if you a graphic designer then you should remember the above told connotations while designing company logo apparel and if you are a business owner then you must suggest these ideas to the hired professional graphic design company.

Polyethylene Pipes Fks

Polyethylene pipe (HDPE) in Russia are widely used because of its durability and ease of installation and have largely replaced the metal pipe. HDPE pipes are now used in various fields, not only for water and sanitation, they also serve for gas and up to the fishing industry. Pipes is performed by different methods of welding. There are various types of welding machines (Weltech, KEW, etc.). But in our article focuses on new product on the market of polyethylene pipes Russia – pipes FKS.

Firm Krah GmbH developed the technology of spiral pipes in particular for the production of large diameter pipes. Also solved the problem of the connection these tubes by using bell-mouthed connections established with the help of electro-fusion welding. For assistance, try visiting Mashable. FKS piping solved the problem of sewerage systems for many generations to come, along with the successful used in many other areas, ensuring durability and efficiency of facilities such as: marine reservoir hatches and pipes, drainage systems, industrial tanks and storage tanks for chemicals materials, ventilation systems, wastewater treatment plants, drainage systems for areas with storage of solid wastes, storage of methane gas, etc. FKS Pipes are made of various properties with a diameter of 4,000 mm and a Depending on the specification, the pipes are made of FKS high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP). FKS pipes connected by bell-mouthed connections established by means of electro-fusion welding, as desired the customer is possible to produce pipes for cushioning, fittings or butt welding. With the help of FKS is possible to create all types of storage tanks, manholes and other facilities for special purposes diameters up to 3.600 mm.

Due to hygienic production of pipes FKS, the use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), pipes are successfully used for transport and storage products. Production of the inner surface of pipes FKS bright colors with retro-reflection property by coextrusion technology further provides advantages in visual inspection, the inner surface of the channel for video. FKS Pipes can be made with special film coating co-extrusion technology, which promotes the release of static electricity in critical projects. Pipes FKS, along with providing transportation and wastelessness storage due to its high resistance to shock, have the possibility of storage tube telescopic method (nested), which in turn provides space savings in transportation and storage. With the ability to pipe joints FKS electro-fusion welding, pipe FKS offer advantages in the production of trenches for laying pipes – require a narrow trench, the minimum expenditure of time and effort laying. FKS pipes are guaranteed to retain the original qualities of at least 50 years. Pipes that can serve up to 100 years, have a manufacturer's warranty for 50 years. Characteristic features of HDPE pipes for high resistance to the effects of FKS seismic movements of the soil texture to rodents, plant roots and corrosive liquids. Pipes FKS, made of polyethylene (HDPE) having the property of stabilizer to UV rays, have high stability of the sun. At the same time, this feature helps to reduce sensitivity to temperature changes. Thanks to the smooth inner surface of the inner surfaces of pipes are provided with high FKS speed of runoff, together with that does not contribute to the formation of sludge. Due to its high resistance to chemicals of the pipe does not corrode and has a high degree of resistance this. Pipes FKS, thanks to a method connection with electro-fusion welding, ensure absolute integrity and reliability. More information available on the website 'Dontehnika':

Alexander Schmitt

Fat games revolutionized the mobile gaming experience rumble media, operator of the known games portal fettspielen.de, goes into the development of HTML5 games and presented its new mobile website today. Who visits the great gaming sites from his Smartphone or tablet, encounters the same problem always sooner or later: A fast paced game is not possible, either you redirected to install of a game app, or the landing page even has a mobile-optimized version. We knew immediately that there is a need at this point. The user expects mobile direct games experience in the browser without the need for installation. “, says Alexander Schmitt, one of two managing directors of rumble media.

So, the young company relies on the new technology of HTML5 to ensure the players no matter what device they control the mobile page the same user experience. Out came six HTML5 games, the so-called alien “-series, and a full” revised, mobile website Fettspielen.de. Gone are the ideological trench warfare in the mobile space. The user want to play together the same, no matter whether they’re using an iPhone, an Android tablet or a handheld. “, says the second Managing Director, Frederik Schrader. The feedback on the new strategy has already unanimously positive. “Both on the Gamescom 2013, as fat games first HTML5 game called alien runner be” the public presented, as well as in the field trials of the fat games featured on YouTube on tour “series users praised the HTML5 games as simple, intuitive and entertaining. The new mobile site is immediately from your mobile device at.