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More detailed and scheduled purchase processes. Companies have much refined their purchasing processes. Which imposes the rhythm of the purchasing process is the buyer, not the seller. Bargaining more demanding conditions for providers imposition of conditions and pace of acquisitions search providers or strategic business partners. The search for strategic partners is more thorough and necessary to make great efforts (by part of the supplier) to ensure a long-term relationship less elastic demand for products and services at the prices than in consumer consumer market. Consuming is aware of the power which has today. Many know it use to profit from his position.

Let’s see some trends: better informed more prepared. Levels educational elderly, which generates more detailed analysis processes in the moment of evaluation and decisions of purchase, notwithstanding that the emotional factor still plays a very important role more researcher, although it has less time. He spends more time to analysis and purchase of goods or services of high involvement decisions. Since it has more information and their training is better, has the tools to investigate further before making any decision, especially in goods and services that have greater impact to economic or emotional level more selective and demanding more impatient, even aggressive. Today’s consumer is a highly demanding and very impatient person more volatile Less faithful more participatory, when you are interested (social networks, blogs, etc.) One of the key elements to review and identify their trends are distribution channels, which apply to B2B and B2C business scenarios.

These are some of them: fewer members in the distribution chain reduction of margins offset links in the distribution chain by technology. An obvious example is the sector of travel agencies appearance of new channels, especially those oriented to the use of computer technology and ICT s concentrations and mergers, including the mandatory distribution chain channels add value. The link in the chain of distribution that do not add value, will be one of the clearest candidate to abandon the system pressure for cost reduction which will be reflected in lower prices for the customer or consumer Finally, it is necessary to be very attentive on the trends in products and services.

Atelier Mulheim

A successful strategy must penetrate the building, the staff and all processes as well as the customers. Long-term business goals and a clear strategy concept, developed taking into account the regional market conditions and competition, the basis of all activities. The building is on the concept to vote should have a good location, ambience and atmosphere meet the needs of the target group and be economical to run. The staff are to introduce ideally already during the construction phase of a new institution, the cultural identity of the company, the corporate identity, and emotion. The staff are lively expression of the brand and carrier of the images.

Residential and nursing homes, residences and assisted living are not perceived often at all by the public. Imminent or has already occurred long-term care by interested parties”and their families with great emotion. Objective of the external communication has a high Be recognition within the potential target groups in the regional market. The image of an institution and thus the trust which is placed her due to the trademark attributions of the public and professional referring physicians, is crucial for the first contact. All communicative means must be of high quality and always in the corporate design, the Visual identity of the company, to maximize the recognition and popularity. The subsequent sales processes and sales skills are critical, whether the customer is obtained after reached contact of a prospective customers or members of his. All phases are the potential customers and their opinion leaders, i.e.

national and professional referring physicians, E.g. social services, doctors, care services, as well as professional caregivers relevant target groups of communication. Building long-term customer relationships towards the long-term goal must be to identify of the customers and in particular its members by establishing! In addition to all PR and The local image of an institution is formed by the residents or tenants themselves advertising significantly by the relatives of the inhabitants or in residences and sheltered housing. A continuous systematic strategic nationals work as a continuation of the activities of image is elemental. The target is the nationals as a positive multiplier in the relevant market. Martin Servos / Frank Rohrl consultant Atelier Mulheim an der Ruhr

Opening Of The Henri Benthack Building Materials Branch In Lubeck

The Lubeck branch of the building materials trade company Henri Benthack building materials shines is now available in the new gloss of Lubeck, in September 2011: the building materials retailer Henri Benthack building materials just starts with the final steps of his rehabilitation and modernisation in the Lubeck Business Park in Turner Street 7-9. Now, the Office shows a lively exhibition with high-quality items as well as an exclusive parquet and laminate Studio. The modernized construction market shines with its extended range and directly in front of the entrance, the customer discovered a House with different possibilities of rehabilitation and upgrading various components. First was exchanged in the first renovation section the complete electrification and the flooring in all offices and sales rooms. The new, white furniture in the sale room is bright and friendly. Splash of color provide the parquet and laminate Studio, as well as the large-scale exhibition technical details such as insulation systems or mold remediation on mobile show car. We have real house situations built with House and interior doors, Windows and facades.

This allows an optimal and personalised advice and supports our customers in determining”, Frank Schneider, branch manager at Henri Benthack explains building materials in Lubeck. In the second section, the construction market was modernized. Now, clearly arranged shelves are the poster child. Each professional hand tool finds its place here. The range is rounded off with a new range of Workwear. For the hunger for in between the craftsman is a small snack and coffee corner.

Parallel to the reconstruction, a sample that shows the exterior thermal insulation system, facade insulation, solar technology and veneering and joints mortar pattern arose in the parking lot of the 18,000-square-foot branch. Inside, customers including the basement ceiling insulation, wet and dry floors, the attic and loose-fill insulation can convince yourself. “We are committed to this step clearly to the Lubeck. Our customers have”here in the future more contacts and specialists, says Frank Schneider. “We also make our focus on rehabilitation and modernization” in the foreground and illustrate it with real examples “. “Through the own fleet of four construction materials-truck BBs including crane is a delivery of building materials in our catchment area within 24 hours of possible”, said Schneider next. About Henri Benthack building materials: Henri Benthack building materials is a Hamburg tradition company headquartered in Hamburg Moorfleet, which can look back on an 80-year history in the construction industry. Founder, Henri Benthack, who successfully led the company with his wife Gerdi Benthack until his death in 1972. Henri Benthack was a pioneer in the construction industry. He was the one who introduced in Germany silo vehicles for the transport of loose cement. Major construction projects, particularly in the area of highway construction, building materials were supplied by Henri Benthack. The largest cement job at the time were 90,000 tons for the first three Tubes of the Hamburg Elbe tunnel. In the meantime, the company employs over 200 staff at the five locations of Neumunster, grevesmuhlen and Parchim, Hamburg, Lubeck. There are currently 39 employees, including 4 trainees in Lubeck. The establishment in this region was opened in 1977 in bad Schwartau. In 2001, the building material dealers needed more space and moved to Lubeck in the Turner Street. Its range includes renovation, refurbishment and modernisation in the building and civil engineering, interior design, roof and floor over 6,500 construction material products with a focus on. Builders as well as Builder and architect are looked after. Further information is available on.

Hydropower In Africa – Photovoltaics In The Coming

Delegation of Rwanda informed in Neunburg Vorm Wald Neunburg v. W. (gf) sustainable energy production is not just any topic for African countries, but often vital part for the future development of their society, economies and prosperity. In addition, the generation of electricity using renewable energy such as hydropower and solar energy, for many countries is often the only way for a sustained long-term prospects for the future. “, explains Markus Breitschaft, Division Manager solar and energy technology at F.EE in Neunburg. Which one is aware in Africa and therefore sets made in Germany technology and know-how from Germany with the predicate”.

To be convinced of the quality and possibilities for alternative energy personally, an international delegation with participants from Rwanda, Belgium and the Switzerland has gathered in Neunburg Vorm Wald. Occasion of the visit is one of a general contractor order for F.EE to the turnkey construction Hydroelectric in Rwanda, which gave the Rwandan Ministry of infrastructure. In the framework of the visit of the delegation would consult the project group not only hydroelectric power, but is also very interested in the topic of photovoltaics. This is not surprising because Africa offers ideal conditions for photovoltaics. In return, Germany can this look back on a long history. In 1993, the first large photovoltaic power plant scale in southern Germany were built with participation of F.EE. These plants produce even after nearly 20 years of operation power on the projected efficiency.

On the grounds of the Stadtwerke Neunburg Vorm Wald, photovoltaic systems generate with a total capacity of 700 kWp power from sunlight. The first sections of the building date from the year 1989. Will let businesses learn the power plant of the Stadtwerke Neunburg, where interested visitors first-hand about the quality, durability and the potential of photovoltaics. Based on this experience and the current State of the art offers today in all sizes for all needs and every customer group F.EE photovoltaic systems, and is also worldwide, such as in Kenya or even recently in Viet Nam. F.EE maintains direct contacts with the engine manufacturers to ensure the quality and the service for its national and international clients. F.EE is a global provider of high-quality solutions, sprung from the region of Neunburg Vorm Wald and associated with its home market Germany. “, says managing director Hans Fleischmann not without pride.