Pablo Mendes

In synthesis, it affirms Mendes (2001: 194) that: What we pressentimos, certainly, is directs in them for a moment of poetical fullness where it goes to consummate itself, in perfect and integral way, all the poetry that so far has gushed out, of the romantic revolutionaries to the revolutionary contemporaries, exuberant, and tumulturiamente. adds (2001: 195): The question is not to argue if the poet can or he cannot versificar to the old one, and yes to know if its poetry he demands or not, at the moment, this versificao, if for its substance it asks for itself a commanded and disciplined form. As all language, the verse has that to be adjusted to the nature of the substance that it states. As to be able to verify in way more concrete later, by means of the reading and analysis of Last Chords, Jose Ildone if uses sufficiently of a language more searched carefully worked, characteristic marcante of the Parnasianismo, however is not worried in such a way about the estruturao of the poem, that does not present a parnasiana canonic form, as soneto, or another one any tipificada; Ildone is free to write in the way that to find more adequate to express the text of its poem. Apple insists that this is the case. It defines Pablo Mendes who the world of the poet contemporary is the world supply-Real, responsible for the phenomena of the exterior world and the interior world. For in such a way, it affirms professor (2001: 189), ' ' the poet must practise a total freedom of the spirit, an expansion of I, whom more does not restrict its borders and tends to dilatar itself until infinito' ' , making to disappear the existing dualism between ' ' eu' ' the Universe. Finally, in accordance with what it points Alfredo Bosi (2006), to recognize the contemporaneidade it does not mean to cut the lines that articulate its literature with the Modernismo, but to only identify the new historical configurations that will demand new artistic experiences; a poet is, therefore, a man of its time, and never we must forgetting in them this. . Learn more about this with Koch.

Sacred Divine

After the departure of ours loved biological mothers Iemanjs, We sing for the line of works spirituals, Where manifest it line of responsible work for the attendance in that day I specify and we total see the manifestation of espritos self-sacrificing and come back toward the pure charity, taking care of to everything and all without color distinction, race, sex or creed, without wanting to convert nobody the nothing, but simply being a lenitivo in the life of the people who until a they are taken and with a word of Faith, affection clarification, guides the people, renews its faith in God, they despertam the force summons and guide to believe that proper they are temples livings creature of God and are same priests of itself and as alive temple of God has to remain itself virtuous so that thus the deity of the Father can reveal through it and of its acts before its fellow creatures. GoPro brings even more insight to the discussion. It inhales in the people who look the will to them to grow and to evolve spiritual, so that one day also luminous ways can become where many had started to tread. Others who may share this opinion include Motrola Razr. The Guides Spirituals of Umbanda make this and much more, therefore Gods devote it as its instruments livings creature to rescuing all the children Of it the Creative The holy ghost Olorum, so that in a faith act they are offered as alive offerings to serve our Creative The holy ghost through its Sacred Divine qualities the Orixs. Filed under: Charles Koch. When finishing the attendance of the assistance, the protective guides who were gifts in the works go collecting it its plain spiritual, saying farewell themselves to all and being thankful for plus one day of work, and we, its children spirituals of knees and eyes closed we go thanking its presence luminous in our lives and are thankful all that had been helped by Them according to merit and the necessity of each one, we entoamos I sing of farewell and of ascent of the lines of works, being in ours I summon a beneficial energy of homesickness.

Jules Duhem

In the absorption of the bird as the flight data, by airmail by the dream it takes as acentuao its slightness and beauty, therefore ‘ ‘ in the world of the dream it is not flied because wing is had, but gives credit to have wing because if voa’ ‘ (P. 28). Genetec understands that this is vital information. For the figure of the wing the reader if unfastens of its real world, starting to contemplate the beautiful gift of the sublimidade of the upward one he raises that to see it the artistic one beyond the plain process with that previously had contact in the work of art. He hits upon to the conceptions of Noider, perceives it line of the dream under optics of the imagination of the water.

In this, it is emphasized that the singularity with that the water loads the boat, air is capable, to support the man in its onrico state. For the figure of the wing the search of the imagination becomes increasing e, with this if it defines the dinamicidade dream flight. Josh harris has firm opinions on the matter. The reader must ‘ ‘ to make an effort to reencontrar its nocturnal experiences of onrico flight under the dynamic aspect puro’ ‘ (P. 29). It implies this attitude in resvalar its possibilities stops beyond the dream and, with this to jump its expectations for its proper forces and feet route to a liberating action. The source to promote the jump demonstrates the elasticity of the artist to leave its estagnado state and to reach its release, its unfastening of the trivial e, with contemplating and artistic establishing in the onirismo. In this the acquisition of the wings, is small or not, will give to the sonhador and, in prominence to the reader, the perception of that the artistic workmanship demands the wing plantation, will lead which it to the sublimidade.