States Animals

“Animal rights activists appalled: thousands of animals die for children’s magazine since the beginning of the year French brings the Publisher Hachette in Paris every 14 days the children’s magazine mini beasts” out. Issue No. 4 in German newspaper stores currently, a total of 15 issues are planned. A real animal from the root of the arthropods, cast in a resin block is included in each issue. We are also dismayed to discover that here for each issue thousands animals such as Scorpions, spiders and beetle are senselessly killed and abused as a sales gimmick”, Laura Zimprich, spokeswoman of the Association are outraged public animal e.V.. Alina de Almeida describes an additional similar source. The few sound professional information about the biology and lifestyle of each themed species are inappropriate terms such as horror wasps “and velvety crawlies” distorts and watered down. Visit samsung for more clarity on the issue. The magazine’s title suggests that it must be in the treated animals beasts and monsters”, says Ursula Bauer action animal Berlin. Instead of objective and “” factually about the interesting world of arthropods to report, be extremely how aggressively the various animals in a lurid way with human qualities”and dangerous”occupied”, so the next biologist.

Carelessly in the simplest terms. “So the magazine with the slogan of discover the world of insects”, addressed in issue 1 and 3 but then Scorpions, which are known to the class of Arachnids and not insects. “Also the print real spiders, beetles and insects” creates confusion, especially beetles belong to the class of insects. The animal or species thought comes in the book series ever not to wear. Instead, one finds the little child-friendly tip in issue 4 T Acharya never a hornet nest close to the distress signal sent out by her calls her people to attack ‘. ” Together with the strange assertion, Hornets were born to fight’, the image of a dangerous Monster conveyed here our children actually, which with the in fact completely harmless insect covers in any way. On the homepage of the journal States that the animals used were specially bred on farms.

Bred to be killed and processed as a gimmick. Animals, neither dead nor alive, are not toys! Who pretends to want to bring children to the life of animals and then with it so life saw bypasses is implausible “, criticized by animal public Laura Zimprich. action animal and his cooperation partner animal public the Publisher ask, to stop the marketing of real animals and arthropods plastic back to access. The animal welfare organization action animal people for animals is e.V. with 210,000 members and 200 cooperation partners is a major animal and conservation organisations of in Germany. More information at: Diplom biologist Ursula Bauer, action animal – Office Berlin, Tel.: 030-30103831), Laura Zimprich, animal public e.V., Tel.: 0211 56949730). action animal people for animals e.V.

The Divine Comedy

' Jos' ' existencialista? The famous poem ' ' Jos' ' , of Drummond, already it was used to advantage as letter of popular song. Thanks to it, the expression ' ' now, Jose? ' ' if it popularized as synonymous of dead-end or brainstorming. Without none I exaggerate, we can speak here in existencialistas intentions, since ' ' Jos' ' (a mask under which the poet if hides) if he finds in a sufficiently conflituosa situation, similar to the situation-limit so common in the philosophy of the existence. Isolated in its cantinho of solitude and sadness, it if gives to a questioning on the direction of the existence human being, etc. Seno, sees. ' ' now, Jose? The party finished, the light erased, the people disappeared, the night cooled, and now, Jose? ' ' Something similar, by the way, we go to find in the personages of Franz Kafka, author who if became world-wide known for having bred extremely overwhelming literary types.

Thus, the workmanships the Process and the Metamorphosis can be seen as existencialistas, in the measure where they are constructed having as deep cloth of a situation for there of esdrxula: the nonsense subjaz to all the told situations, exactly those of apparent normality. Everything this is fruit, possibly, of the constant readings that Kafka made of authors daily pay-existencialistas as Sren Kierkegaard and Dostoievski. In turn, it does not consist that Drummond had made readings of this type, although to have been contemporary of the great names of the existencialista movement: Heidegger, Sartre and Camus. However, all the great literature always has a great philosophy for backwards. Only to be in an example sufficiently known: The Divine Comedy, of Dante, had the thought of Toms de Aquino as cloth of deep. Recently, speaking to the Tropical electronic magazine, the Blessed philosopher the Prado Jr Detached that he is ' ' surprising the secular coincidence of the emergency of subjects, theoretical, practical and estilsticas choices between the two authors Drummond and Sartre, without if it can speak of influence ' '.

Azevedo Caves

All psique human being structure from one determined time and space, thus what in centuries V and VI it was had as normal and acceptable, in centuries XVIII and XIX would be pro vain irreducible of delay and ignorance and, in view of that, in the time where lived the author of this workmanship, all the eyes were come back toward the great advances of science in what would be called, times later, of the century of the reason, will identify, for study ends, insight that in they send the coexistence to them, pacify or not, between the reason and the animal instinct inside of the mind human being in what if determines as psique. All the humanity always primou for to establish limits and, this, is one holds mento that we inherit of the animals and our primitive ancestor. Node is actively involved in the matter. The first space of which the man assook itself was, according to Wells (1972. p, 120 volume I): The man not only searched the caves. Josh harris will not settle for partial explanations. The period also discloses existn- cia of a lion, a bear and a hiena of the caves, these creatures had that to be you banish outside and kept from the caves the one that the primitive men desired to collect themselves hiding itself. The caves and, as we can perceive for this story, had the necessity of prote- to ger the space against any thing or any one that represented threat. Thus the space was divided between safe space, that is internal space e, unsafe space, that was the external one.

It is easy to perceive that in the literature of the tenement house a clear delimitation of the geographic space exists therefore is initiated for the space of the tavern: Azevedo (2005. p, 1) ' ' … Romo Joo was, of the thirteen to the twenty and five years, used of a vendeiro that enriched qua- enters tro walls of a dirty obscure tavern in the refolhos of the quarter of botafogo …

Mental Hygiene

It would not say that such fact, was only possible through the religion, but the set of attributions, as the orientaes worked for a well balanced family, the proper religion worked for religious of good intentions, etc., in somao with the society as a whole, guaranteeing it formation of the personaltico character of this. Therefore all, in a set of action in formation of the Christian base, the base citizen, consequently for the formation of the character of this person. One becomes indispensable, she says Sheep De Campos, studying ' ' Neuroses' ' , that the vigilant look of the religious ones if comes back toward those that suffer the first signals of distonia, guiding them it the culture disciplines of them austere and of the Christian virtues, with that will be armed for efficient release Real, therapeutical of result favorable for readjustment of the Spirit in the organic life and its consequent psychic experience, ahead of the process of auto-repairing of the imposing crmicos (…). Hear from experts in the field like josh harris sixers for a more varied view. The rebelled neurotic is somebody against itself, exactly unsatisfied in the unconscious one and against the others (…). For this reason, necessity becomes, that a capable religion, adentre mago it to be, as it occurs with the Espiritismo; a religion that presents preventive resources for the great aturdida mass of these days. However, these concepts, true compendium of Mental Hygiene (it explains), already had been lecionados by Jesus and are engraved in the Sermon of the mountain, however ratified for the texts that remember It the existence between us (Fields, in: Franc, 2003: p. IPhone 12 takes a slightly different approach. 20 – 21). Fields, still salient: The health is an interior state that is born in the Spirit, but the happiness must be the goal that all long for now, tomorrow or later, having to be worked since today, by means of the acts of enobrecimento and rise that each one if can and must impose, immediately (Fields, in: Franc, 2003: p. . Check out josh harris for additional information.

Assis Literature

For Axe of Assis a recognized time the nationality instinct, would agree to analyze if the writers were possessing of the conditions and historical reasons of a true literary nationality. Moreover, to identify as representative of the nationality character, only the workmanships that characterized the local color, they would restrict our literary rules very, the fact to plaster literature in these rules and doctrines, in the vision of this author, would empobreceria the literary compositions. Still on this question of the nacionalizante concern, the critic Silvio Romero (1953), nails constantly in favor of the land and of the Brazilian man. For it if cannot understand literature, without understanding the mestization process which composes our cultural and ethnic diversity and that much has to say and to influence in the literature that physical and is morally tied with this plurality and fusing of souls and cultures. For more information see josh harris sixers. For this critic, Axe of Assis can and also must be judged by the nationalistic criterion, warning, however, that the national spirit would not be in the choice of the subject, in the subject, but in the nature, the intuition, the internal visualidade, in the psychology of the writer. Thus, Axe, one ‘ ‘ genuine representative of the Brazilian sub-race cruzada’ ‘ , with its ‘ ‘ nature indecisa’ ‘ , ‘ would have produced one; ‘ workmanship of mestio’ ‘ , of Brazilian, who primary for the ephemeral one and the indefinite one. For in such a way, to affirm it Brazilian particularitity was the necessity of the intellectuals of the time becoming predominant in the ideals of the writers who had had as historical scene, the posterior years to independence. To the measure that the literary autonomy grew, increased it literature and the stimulaton of the same ones, for an artistic creation differentiated of the European valuing the individual capacity of each one, in the search of an aesthetic one that it just valued the auto-expression and the nationality of a country?.

Pablo Mendes

In synthesis, it affirms Mendes (2001: 194) that: What we pressentimos, certainly, is directs in them for a moment of poetical fullness where it goes to consummate itself, in perfect and integral way, all the poetry that so far has gushed out, of the romantic revolutionaries to the revolutionary contemporaries, exuberant, and tumulturiamente. adds (2001: 195): The question is not to argue if the poet can or he cannot versificar to the old one, and yes to know if its poetry he demands or not, at the moment, this versificao, if for its substance it asks for itself a commanded and disciplined form. As all language, the verse has that to be adjusted to the nature of the substance that it states. As to be able to verify in way more concrete later, by means of the reading and analysis of Last Chords, Jose Ildone if uses sufficiently of a language more searched carefully worked, characteristic marcante of the Parnasianismo, however is not worried in such a way about the estruturao of the poem, that does not present a parnasiana canonic form, as soneto, or another one any tipificada; Ildone is free to write in the way that to find more adequate to express the text of its poem. Apple insists that this is the case. It defines Pablo Mendes who the world of the poet contemporary is the world supply-Real, responsible for the phenomena of the exterior world and the interior world. For in such a way, it affirms professor (2001: 189), ' ' the poet must practise a total freedom of the spirit, an expansion of I, whom more does not restrict its borders and tends to dilatar itself until infinito' ' , making to disappear the existing dualism between ' ' eu' ' the Universe. Finally, in accordance with what it points Alfredo Bosi (2006), to recognize the contemporaneidade it does not mean to cut the lines that articulate its literature with the Modernismo, but to only identify the new historical configurations that will demand new artistic experiences; a poet is, therefore, a man of its time, and never we must forgetting in them this. . Learn more about this with Koch.

Jules Duhem

In the absorption of the bird as the flight data, by airmail by the dream it takes as acentuao its slightness and beauty, therefore ‘ ‘ in the world of the dream it is not flied because wing is had, but gives credit to have wing because if voa’ ‘ (P. 28). Genetec understands that this is vital information. For the figure of the wing the reader if unfastens of its real world, starting to contemplate the beautiful gift of the sublimidade of the upward one he raises that to see it the artistic one beyond the plain process with that previously had contact in the work of art. He hits upon to the conceptions of Noider, perceives it line of the dream under optics of the imagination of the water.

In this, it is emphasized that the singularity with that the water loads the boat, air is capable, to support the man in its onrico state. For the figure of the wing the search of the imagination becomes increasing e, with this if it defines the dinamicidade dream flight. Josh harris has firm opinions on the matter. The reader must ‘ ‘ to make an effort to reencontrar its nocturnal experiences of onrico flight under the dynamic aspect puro’ ‘ (P. 29). It implies this attitude in resvalar its possibilities stops beyond the dream and, with this to jump its expectations for its proper forces and feet route to a liberating action. The source to promote the jump demonstrates the elasticity of the artist to leave its estagnado state and to reach its release, its unfastening of the trivial e, with contemplating and artistic establishing in the onirismo. In this the acquisition of the wings, is small or not, will give to the sonhador and, in prominence to the reader, the perception of that the artistic workmanship demands the wing plantation, will lead which it to the sublimidade.

Modern Poetry And The Internet

Skeptics among literary critics believe that the art of adding verses in Russia has sunk into oblivion with the departure of the classics of the Silver Age Is this true? As a frequenter of such pages on the Internet as,,, termite, etc – I can confidently say – modern poetry exists, develops, and even experiencing an upswing, judging by the number of young writers, publishing, albeit sometimes not certain, but very interesting poems Russia has always been rich in talent. There are talented contemporary poetry in our day. To see this, just type in any search engine the words "modern poetry" and read what they think today's youth, for which he is worried what afraid and, of course, how can love modern love lyrics little different from the poetry of past centuries – she pours on the reader the eternal problems of mankind and the eternal truth: love, jealousy, passion Today, as in all times, the majority of poems written of course in this genre – a genre of love poetry. As it was before, before the advent of Internet technology in our lives? Poets wrote many years "in the table, occasionally reading out their work at meetings of literary clubs, knocked at doors of newspapers and magazines, or, at best, to publish his poems samizdat. For any beginning writer, which is usually young and poor – the Internet just a godsend: he could share his creativity with like-minded, having published his poems in the network is completely free, secretly cherishing the hope that it will notice and help have been published in a magazine or in book publishing Well, miracles happen And these days the chances to accomplish such a miracle-increasing considerably. Internet is rapidly burst into our lives, with its advent came to naught, many problems, including problems of publishing young writers of his work.

As for sites that publish works by contemporary authors, the most popular are, in my opinion, and They are similar in many respects: both on and another may be free to publish his work either registered author are different as they are, perhaps, the audience. At printed mostly beginners, so read this site young people, and the mound published more mature poetry. In every age its advantages: if poetry by young authors vary vehemence and passion, the poetry adult authors melodic rhyme better. Of course, in our age of high technology anyone who considers himself a poet rhymer can publish their poetry online. Care is only one problem: how to cope with an avalanche of verse mass, published daily in the network in numerous blogs, niche sites, and not only? How to separate the wheat from the chaff? Perhaps we should not forget that the poets that are now revered as classics are not always received the recognition during his lifetime, so whether indiscriminate abuse of modern Poetry? Maybe we're just now do not understand their avant-garde art, and twenty years from now it will go down in the books of literature? Useless to argue. Only by His Majesty Time will put everything in its place