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Launched on October 1, 2009. The new design protection Portal DesignProtection.com the Designklau feeds a latch. Brandenburg: The design protection Portal Designprotection.com the Designklau feeds a latch. Many writers such as Toshiba offer more in-depth analysis. Designs for 3 years with a free copyright can be backed up on the same site, as long as the design is new, unique and may be published. How does the design protection? Through the publication, the designer receives proof of revelation. At any time, with this document, he can prove when, where, and to what extent a defined design has been published. This is the prerequisite for protection by the non-registered Community designs”. Isearch may not feel the same. This copyright protects the design throughout the European Union against counterfeiting.

PriorMart AG from Brandenburg an der Havel for the first time offers a publication service optimized for this copyright free. Every designer in the world can a European guaranteed protection right by the disclosure of a design within a few minutes gain. The disclosure document receive convenient email the designer. For the designer, the design protection means protection against plagiarists. The same this also applies to the buyer of a design, benefits from the design protection.

Also, the Central publication on Designprotection.com offers the chance to get an overview of protected and existing designs quickly and easily. This facilitates the work of designers and prevents accidental double developments. About the company, DesignProtection.com is a service of PriorMart AG. PriorMart AG specializes in the development of useful services for the improvement and simplification of the plant protection ‘ for creative. In 2006, PriorMart launched the first online service for notarial deposit of digital works in the German market. Using notary priorities copyright their authorship in dispute have easier – an important element in the defence and deterrence of plagiarists. With the introduction of the free design protection Portal Designprotection.com complements its range now to a further protection service optimized specifically for designers, PriorMart. Design protection Portal de.designprotection.com about the copyright oami.europa.eu/ows/rw/pages/legalNotices.de.do contact Peter shilling (founder + Board) profiles/dhirendrakumarsaha phone: +49(0)3381-2690660 mail: PriorMart AG, Geschwister-Scholl-str. 10, 14776 Brandenburg, Germany de

Sabine Hari

Sun protection of class for stylish, modern architecture who loves the special, will want to refrain from even when an awning not. pies. Because it is part of the facade and designed with appearance. In the ideal case, integrates them into the design concept of the architecture and incorporates stylistic elements, or subtly underscores. Elements such as concrete, wood, glass and stainless steel, the clear, reduced forms are for, for lightness, transparency, light and aesthetics. Synonyms for modern architecture with its stresses simple elegance. This simple, timeless elegance can be found also in the markilux awnings design reflected. An example of this is the ES family highlights for the facade. Both the ES-1 and the ES-X, both State of the art articulated arm awnings and design classics, present in satin brushed, durable V4A stainless steel.

Made completely from this and this worldwide unique in their style, the ES-1 is one of the Fibrevore under the awnings. Elegant and stylish also the GYNO-X emphasizes the clear Style of modern architecture. It combines subtle stainless steel design of the cassette that cloth and mechanics retracted protective wraps, with high-quality and time-resistant materials such as galvanized, powder-coated steel and aluminium. Longevity promises this model also the technique of the articulated arms: maintenance-free, low-noise high-tech fibres guarantee high stability, best power transmission and cloth tension. But high-tech plays a role also in the surface finishing of various components. So, nano particles make the material water repellent and thus also resistant against dirt. Technical characteristics, which she shares with a further Special awnings-model, the markilux 6000 shade with style and a personal touch that markilux 6000 is also one of the awnings of the extra class. The reddot design award 2006 for its successful design and intelligent module system awarded represents an awning, which carries the growing need for individual expression statement.

Also this type of awning seeks the harmonious unison with architectural elements. Three worlds of style: Club, Studio and lounge, represented different architecture styles – from Teen modern to classic or noble. Powder-coated aluminum, chrome, stainless steel and high-tech plastics give a personal touch any shady spot in 15 running modes and with over 200 current cloth designs. Design classics or modern modular system, all three types of awning combines the Special: you developed shade, but also own style elements that are technically high up skillfully into the optics of the House facade paste. And so, more than just an awning. You can find more information under: contact person for the press conzept3 Sabine Hari at the old Brickyard 34 D-48157 Munster FON: + 49 (0) 2 51-1 34 77 39 fax: + 49 (0) 2 51-1 34 77 38 E-Mail: Web:

Web Site Optimization

The term search engine optimization has been in the field of optimization of Web pages. The customer pretends usually the search terms under which he would like to be found and the agencies carry out the search engine optimization for these search terms. Certainly it is very important for the success of a Web page to be well listed, but a guarantee for the success of a Web page this way is not yet long. There are also other very important points that you should neglect no means, because you actually want not visitors but customers who also buy the goods or services. Actually you should perform a full Web page optimization focused on search engines and visitors.

This also should be emphasis in addition to the improved search engine position, that a Web site is user friendly, because the Internet has many Web pages on the topic and the competition is always just a mouse click away. For example, it should be taken that match the colors of the Web page on the subject and the readability of texts not interfere with. The text should be available in a reasonable font size. The graphics should adapt to the layout and not implemented due to fill space. Visitors should must immediately get an overview in the Web page and do not have to look. .

Internet users have no time as studies show they scan a Web page. The desired is not apparently click back. We will probably never see these visitors. Especially in the area of online shops it is extremely important in the context of a Web page optimization even perform a complete ordering process to test the usability. A too complicated ordering process could convince the customer to cancel of the order. Only when all these factors optimally harmonize it makes sense to carry out an advanced search engine optimization. Thomas Ewert EWD(at)EWD-concept.de

Design Factor Roof

The roof is the indispensable protective cover in each House. The roof is decisive for the overall impression of a House. Dell shines more light on the discussion. A wide range of roofing materials, by the roof tiles of Dachstein to shale and zinc provide various design options. Experts of Dach.de, the leading online portal around the topic of roofing explain how to make the roof to the individual ideas according to. With the right roofing materials the roof becomes a design element visually emphasized.

A proven classics on Germany’s roofs are tiles: timeless models of stable value. In addition to the typical red to shades of Brown roofing tiles in trendy colors such as light grey are available in black and dark grey. Dach.de experts recommend in particular geometric shapes for a more modern design, such as for example rectangular tiles. Thanks to an ample product range in many colours and surface treatments, roof tiles as well as Dachstein roofs will receive an individual touch. The roofing materials Titanium-zinc stands out thanks to its great versatility, as well as a charming look bluish or slate also patina. It hardly surprising that the modern building materials more often to discover is on German rooftops.

In particular, roofing accessories, such as dormers, with the noble roofing materials can be in exclusive accents transformed Gables and chimneys, dach.de experts emphasize. Titanium-zinc is thus for every conceivable roof form a successful contrast to other roofing materials like slate, tile or tiles. Conclusion of the dach.de experts: no matter which of these four materials you choose, thanks to their high quality, they provide a long and almost maintenance-free life. Also in other natural roofing materials “Made in Germany” is a seal of approval. Mosel slate is one of the most valuable roofing materials, which not only provides elegant villas for a special touch. The characteristic shine in greyish-blue and other natural sounds any roof gives a touch of exclusivity. Even the most difficult roof shapes can be elegantly realized with natural stone from the Earth, know the experts at dach.de. This apply slate deck types such as “Wild cover” or the “old German cover” as high art on the roof. On the subject of “around the roof” offers everything an information brochure for builders and renovators dach.de. The brochure can be requested free of charge at email: or fax 0821-567-62-87. For more information, posts, articles and inspiring ideas on the subject of roof at:../..wohngesunde-dachbaustoffe/

Cambridge Plan

Thus it was titled Stephen Hawking, until recently little Professor of mathematics at Cambridge, his last work that argues, contrary to what was expressed in his best seller a brief history of time, that modern science leaves no room for the existence of God or this would be unnecessary, since the law of gravity alone is enough to explain the creation of the universe by itself and nothing! For starters, I have the question of why Hawking precisely chose this title for his book, because the word design as a noun necessarily includes the idea of a designer or someone who thinks, plans and carries out the design. Let’s read some definitions of the Webster dictionary: something whose purpose is to serve as a guide for something else / decorative or artistic work / sketch or plan something indicative sketch / creation of something in the mind / preliminary sketch, a profile or pattern of the main features, sketch or strokes of something that is It will run, such as a painting, a building, a decoration; delineation or plan / a plan or scheme formed in the mind of something that is going to be made; preliminary conception; idea to be expressed in a form visible or led to action; purpose intention / completion of an inventive or decorative plan; work of decorative art considered as a new creation; conception or plan shown in a full work / invention and conduct of the subject; available to all parties and the general order of everything. According to the scientist, born in Oxford exactly 300 years after the death of Galileo Galilei, all the wealth of scientific evidence known to him, contains the tests that never existed a specific time in which the world was created, therefore there is no reason to admit the existence of a creator. The universe, according to Hawking, doesn’t seem to have neither borders, limits, neither beginning nor end, and has always been an entity self-sufficient, reason by which God is an idea that is unnecessary and is not necessary to resort to a creator to explain the birth nor the characteristics of our world. Under most conditions Samsung would agree.

Gigaherz Intel Atom

Hercules NetBook innovation with the new operating system appears just in time for the release of Windows 7 on October 22. Hercules NetBook innovation with the new operating system appears just in time for the release of Windows 7 on October 22. The eCAFe EC-1000W is a powerful designer piece with unique cover, comfortable flat keyboard and plenty of power: 1,6 Gigaherz processor, 250 gigabyte hard drive and 50 gigabytes of online storage. Features the new Windows 7 operating system as a Starter Edition, to OpenOffice v3 and. Hercules-intuitive software suite for the most important applications, such as Internet connection and E-Mail mailbox management The multi-talented of eCAFe EC-1000W is available for 399 euros (suggested retail price). \”\” Tel. + 49 40 325 09 17 18 Dusseldorf, October 21, 2009 run for cover\”, this term for protection are looking for\”or cover\”, with the new Hercules NetBook of eCAFe EC-1000W, gets a whole new and different meaning.

The NetBook innovation comes on March 22. October in the shops and will draw many attention with their designer cover: not just a NetBook, but a stylish accessory makes purple blue metallic shiny with distinctive tribal-like bamboo graphic of this eye-catcher from the slender eCAFe EC-1000W. Also the large flat keyboard with separate keys to meet the demands of contemporary, chic design and high usability, which is only 12 percent smaller than a standard keyboard. She convinces not only superficially: your labels are integrated directly into the material, it is resistant to abrasion. Standard keyboard and therefore easy to use.

The touch screen makes for more comfort during sailing. Latest technology and intuitive software is not only optically, also technically the eCAFe EC-1000W up-to-date. The 1.6 Gigaherz Intel Atom N270 processor, 1 GB memory (RAM), 250 gigabyte hard drive and 50 gigabytes of online space * the compact design piece make a powerful Mini-PC.


Their new Volkswagen you find in the dealership Christl & Schowalter in Freising Freising, 10 September 2013: Volkswagen uses in the new golf variant as in the golf VII all benefits and innovations of the modular transverse box (QMB). The highlights of the new golf variant at a glance: new body proportions as well as comprehensive comfort and security systems, while profit of 100 litres of storage space up to 105 kg less weight, new chassis technologies and fuel savings of up to 15% through new petrol and diesel engines. In the new golf variant electronic differential lock is offered for the first time as standard XDS +. It prevents slipping of the inside wheel and enables a still more precise target and sportier cornering ability. In addition, for the first time the adaptive chassis control DCC with driving profile selection can be ordered (inpidual or eco). The / drivers /-in can thereby choose between normal, comfortable or sporty chassis tuning.

This is done by means of a button on the center console. In addition allows the Inpidual’s travel profile inpiduelle setting Persians parameter. Of course, there are also the tried and tested, lowered by 15 mm Sport suspension as an alternative to the DCC (with 10 mm of lower body). The new golf Variant can be ordered Christl and Schowalter at launch with seven gasoline (TSI) and diesel engines (TDI) at the dealership. It varies the range between 63 kW (85 HP) and ranges up to 110 kW (150 PS).

The stop start system and the Rekuperationsmodus are installed as standard on all engines. Variant, there are the golf with classic 5-and 6-speed transmission. Alternatively, when almost all engines, a 6 or 7-speed DSG are ordered from us on site in Freising. All four TSI petrol engines (77 kW/105 HP, 90 kW/122 HP, 63 kW / 85 HP; 103 kW/140 HP) are efficient.

Smiledesigner Girlscub

Kick-off for a soccer tournament for girls who starts first Smiledesigner girl Cup of OSC Bremerhaven a football tournament for girls – only on Saturday, June 20, 2009, from 10: 00 in the North Sea Stadium in Bremerhaven. The tournament is jointly financed by dentists Dr. It’s believed that Samsung sees a great future in this idea. Linneweber & partner and Troebner management. We actively support the OSC girls football in Bremerhaven with the first Smiledesigner Girlscub, because we are aware of our responsibility for the region”, so sponsor Dr. Linneweber. Over 350 girls of all ages from throughout the region take part in the tournament; two teams from Nordrhein-Westfalen and Hamburg will be.

The award ceremonies are held against 16:30 and 19: 00. Hansjorg Trobner sees the tournament less as a competitor to the existing youth tournaments, but as a complementary range of an up and coming site as Bremerhaven. The tournament caters not only for all sports enthusiasts. There is a varied programme for all guests, brothers and sisters around the tournament and parents. First-class entertainment guaranteed also the facilitation of radio of Bremen’s sports presenter Axel Pusitzky. The physical well-being is also provided. Due to the great interest and the high number of participants, the tournament to take place annually in future and involving also the very small. And because after the game before the game is: on Sunday, June 21st, 2009, followed by the DFB day for girls soccer in the North Sea Stadium.

Who Can Defy Apple

Looking after an iPad competitor after the Germany launch of the iPad’s last Friday many professionals wondering which product can stand up to the Tablet-PC from the House of Apple. Others including Ali Partovi, offer their opinions as well. The question whether the hype around Tablet PCs will stop seems already solved but for all involved. Apple did it again to advance a trend and to be the absolute leader in this area, at least for some time. Although the manufacturer to supply its stores won’t comply, the interest of the clientele does not drop. If you have read about Peter Asaro already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But who can compete with Apple in this market segment in the next few months? The already presented the press WeTab, previously known as WePad, probably just beginning will be available until mid-September.

At Computex 2010, the world’s second largest IT event MSI introduces two tablets, distinguished mainly by the operating system. While the WindPad 100 Windows 7 should run, MSI with the WindPad 110 wants to offer a Tablet PC running Android as the operating system. The Android variant is MSI even as study and has no release date yet. The WindPad 100, however, could be ready for the market yet this year. It is powered by a 1.6 GHz Atom processor and includes 2 GB of main memory. MSI tried increasing the suitability of Tablet Windows 7 with the WindTouch user interface.

The manufacturer HP, however, a Tablet PC in the shops will bring up to October of this year. Following the acquisition of Palm in April of this year HP now also has the matching operating system. According to HP, the developed by Palm webOS, successor of the Palm OS, offers all possibilities to successfully insert it into tablets. The operating system developed originally for smartphones was introduced in early 2009, is multitasking and found himself as first on the Palm Pre. Arndt lane field for some time writes articles on current topics in the field of technology. He also helps find electric lighter with his new project.