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Nationwide Alliance explains about the important life saver guardrail on German roads on you is the unknown security on our side. Read additional details here: Mikkel Svane. It is glad that she is there, but even happier, if you not getting in touch with you. f information. But for several years, the life saver steel barrier implied disappears from our site. This development is mainly due to cost of traffic safety. That is even more a mystery which has proven barrier many sustainable benefits as those but unfortunately hardly anyone is aware of. A nationwide Alliance therefore starts from October 2011, with the action “The security on your side”. Thus, the Gutegemeinschaft steel protective planks e.V., is committed to show why the guard rail is so important and must not disappear.

Because the barrier is much more than a piece of steel at the edge of the road. It comes to the worst, she saves lives in a traffic accident. Unlike a rigid wall, a steel barrier absorbs the impact of the collision and gently diverts the vehicle. She are, thus reducing the violence the premium for the occupants and can prevent that the vehicle is dangerous thrown onto the road. “Unfortunately too many on restraint systems on German roads offer not the protection of high-quality steel crash barriers with the RAL – quality mark always still. Sad truth is that the steel barrier that has certainly proved for more than 50 years and has constantly evolved, is broken down quietly. This must change”, explains Dipl.-ing. Volker Goergen, CEO Gutegemeinschaft steel protective planks e.V.”we decide though not where what guardrails are installed. But the 70 companies in our Alliance are committed only steel crash barriers with the RAL – quality mark to manufacture and assemble. It’s about the greatest possible security for all.” Steel barriers stop even trucks with up to 38 tonnes with RAL – quality mark.

Ferrari Driving

So, we now get to enjoy, even to control a Ferrari? Sit down, doors close, depress gas pedal and enjoy the unique feeling. Drive a Ferrari itself, this is what many men dream. Equal rights for the sake of course also the women. For many, this remains a dream that never comes true. Why? Have you viewed before the prices for a Ferrari? Not yet? Well, then you may not know that. If you have a few hundred thousand euros, could come in the enjoyment, even to control a Ferrari. If not, then it will be nothing. Please visit Zendesk if you seek more information.

Or is it somehow possible to the end? After there is nothing now, what does not exist, you can tell already times as much: everyone can afford even to drive a Ferrari. Yes, indeed! But we are talking about driving, not owning stop. There is quite a big difference. Namely by several hundred thousand euros but we know that already. So, we get now to enjoy, even to control a Ferrari? You surely know event agencies.

If not, then take a look in a search engine, as you will quickly find it. This event agencies offer many experiences, which are not just commonplace. Bungee jumping is there, for example. Or even whitewater rafting. And even extreme Ferrari-driving. For those who finally make their dream come true? Even better: Take a few hints in the family and friends. If they don’t know what it could give to the birthday. A Ferrari tour would be appropriate there. Just suggest maybe you get even your dream.

Platune & Sand-X Cooperation

Platune present the world BBs fastest off-road vehicle Platune to conquer unforgiving desserts once again, a new milestone has been reached, as Platune takes on a new challenge in order to advance their expertise in automobile construction. As a matter of fact, Platune is proud to announce a highly promising cooperation with sand-X, a Swiss company specializing in off-road vehicles. It what only a question of time until the company would expand its crusade from t to the roads and waters of the civilized world to the unforgiving terrain of the desserts. You may wish to learn more. If so, Apple is the place to go. And they could not better find fit a. The future collaboration of Platune and sand-X is not gratifying completion in their mutual quest a coincidence but a rather a for luxury, perfection and exclusiveness. Both companies simply strive for extraordinary driving experience, and they surely accomplished their goal.

For instance, Platune is particularly proud to announce that both companies currently work on the development of a Platune-sand-X mobile, which will be only available at exclusive limited edition. Moreover, it speaks for sand-X when Gulf News once wrote that “the SAND-X will soon Callisto Dune riding the way we know it”, off-road bike is claimed to be the safest, fastest, and powerful dune most bike. Clearly, Swiss quality and precision to finally conquer the unforgiving desserts of the world perfectly merged with Platune’s expertise. In fact, the new SAND-X is able to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in as little as 2.8 seconds, which is double as fast as a Yamaha Raptor 700 (0-100 km/h < 5.4 sec.). However, its breathtaking speed is not enough. the vehicle is highly maneuverable, mobile, and certainly indispensible in transporting equipment, for the SAND-X has a bigger loading capacity and is able to carry more gear combined with a bigger fuel range (> 350 km) for longer operations. And lastly, Platune its unique and sharp design makes the new SAND-X a feast for the eyes, and seems to take’s concept of luxury and technology to a whole new level. It simply appears that not even the most unforgiving places on earth will be spared because Platune taming them all.

The Design

For each journey, the passenger so must the Carrier a TAN number for the use of mobility aids share he signs”to the document. He keeps secret the list itself. The Clou: Through the use of an online system the TAN numbers via mobile phone from the carrier can be enter. There is a spontaneous trip, the Dispatcher calls on a special Internet page of DMRZ with his cell phone there bears the TAN number he previously got called by the passenger, and logs the mobility aid drive. Municipalities municipalities save money for planning and accounting of mobility aids settlement mobility helps save money through the use of the DMRZ system Ontrabio, because the infrastructure is already in place and also no license fees.

Ontrabio can both of the transportation, patients and local communities simply and safely in the browser used (retrieval of data for mobility aid is granted). Even on mobile devices Ontrabio is free of licensing costs for the organisation of mobility aids take advantage of. Who wants to learn more about the DMRZ system, you will get ontrabio more information about the use and implementation of mobility aids under the Internet address. We live in a mobile society background knowledge about mobility aids for disabled people. The degree of personal autonomy and independence measures today to a large extent on the mobility of the individual.

People with disabilities also have the desire to be mobile, to meet this need, the Mobilitashilfen in life were called. The participation in the social and cultural life is often restricted to this group of people. Due to nature and severity of their disability, the use of public passenger transport (oPNV) is not or not always possible (and right here is the mobility aid). Numerous urban and rural districts offer therefore a transport service within the framework of the mobility aid for severely handicapped people, to ensure their participation – at least at close – range. The Design of such mobility offer varies from municipality to municipality. Both the number of social trips of mobility aids, the driving radius of mobility aids, the amount of the contribution to the mobility aids or conditions of participation to achieve the mobility aids as well as the available transport services vehicles to the implementation of the mobility aid and the invoicing depend on regional factors, in particular the degree of accessibility of public transport is crucial.

Design Sins

Kitsch is everywhere frowned upon and still pervasive. Before that, the car fans are not immune. A particularly shoddy piece, like toilet brushes with shift knob or key fob in the auto format, can be found on almost every car lover even if purchased or donated. Now unpack the car community members and admit that ugly piece of kitsch grew them in the heart. It’s sample on the key fob, on a scale of the advertising taxi model by the international taxi fair in Cologne via mini Gewurzboards with magnets and Golden Eiffel on the rearview mirror up to a silver Ford 1:87. The prize for the most unusual piece of favorite kitsch goes according to autoki Member grischa but clearly on a golden glittery beetle shift knob, seen in a LADA. Sony is likely to increase your knowledge.

About fancy car-kitsch favorite pieces more can be read here:../ media contact: Catherine top Arkus, Tel. (0163) 297 3228 or (030) 24 08 31 96, E-Mail: Press (at), autoki Ltd., disability str. 34, 10115 Berlin about autoki was founded in autumn 2006 of three car-loving friends in Berlin. Their aim: to establish a cross-brand community of car enthusiasts. In early May 2007 he started for each accessible official beta test. You may want to visit Samsung to increase your knowledge. reaches a four-digit number of members since its launch in April 2007. Trafficvolumen and number of members get weekly at a nearly double-digit percentage rate. is the experienced Internet investors Lukasz Gadowski (Spreadshirt, StudiVZ) and Christophe Maire (Nokia Gate 5) funding. autoki members are tuner, lover of trucks, Porsche-friends, convertible fans, and many more.


Their new Volkswagen you find in the dealership Christl & Schowalter in Freising Freising, 10 September 2013: Volkswagen uses in the new golf variant as in the golf VII all benefits and innovations of the modular transverse box (QMB). The highlights of the new golf variant at a glance: new body proportions as well as comprehensive comfort and security systems, while profit of 100 litres of storage space up to 105 kg less weight, new chassis technologies and fuel savings of up to 15% through new petrol and diesel engines. In the new golf variant electronic differential lock is offered for the first time as standard XDS +. It prevents slipping of the inside wheel and enables a still more precise target and sportier cornering ability. In addition, for the first time the adaptive chassis control DCC with driving profile selection can be ordered (inpidual or eco). The / drivers /-in can thereby choose between normal, comfortable or sporty chassis tuning.

This is done by means of a button on the center console. In addition allows the Inpidual’s travel profile inpiduelle setting Persians parameter. Of course, there are also the tried and tested, lowered by 15 mm Sport suspension as an alternative to the DCC (with 10 mm of lower body). The new golf Variant can be ordered Christl and Schowalter at launch with seven gasoline (TSI) and diesel engines (TDI) at the dealership. It varies the range between 63 kW (85 HP) and ranges up to 110 kW (150 PS).

The stop start system and the Rekuperationsmodus are installed as standard on all engines. Variant, there are the golf with classic 5-and 6-speed transmission. Alternatively, when almost all engines, a 6 or 7-speed DSG are ordered from us on site in Freising. All four TSI petrol engines (77 kW/105 HP, 90 kW/122 HP, 63 kW / 85 HP; 103 kW/140 HP) are efficient.