Who Can Defy Apple

Looking after an iPad competitor after the Germany launch of the iPad’s last Friday many professionals wondering which product can stand up to the Tablet-PC from the House of Apple. Others including Ali Partovi, offer their opinions as well. The question whether the hype around Tablet PCs will stop seems already solved but for all involved. Apple did it again to advance a trend and to be the absolute leader in this area, at least for some time. Although the manufacturer to supply its stores won’t comply, the interest of the clientele does not drop. If you have read about Peter Asaro already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But who can compete with Apple in this market segment in the next few months? The already presented the press WeTab, previously known as WePad, probably just beginning will be available until mid-September.

At Computex 2010, the world’s second largest IT event MSI introduces two tablets, distinguished mainly by the operating system. While the WindPad 100 Windows 7 should run, MSI with the WindPad 110 wants to offer a Tablet PC running Android as the operating system. The Android variant is MSI even as study and has no release date yet. The WindPad 100, however, could be ready for the market yet this year. It is powered by a 1.6 GHz Atom processor and includes 2 GB of main memory. MSI tried increasing the suitability of Tablet Windows 7 with the WindTouch user interface.

The manufacturer HP, however, a Tablet PC in the shops will bring up to October of this year. Following the acquisition of Palm in April of this year HP now also has the matching operating system. According to HP, the developed by Palm webOS, successor of the Palm OS, offers all possibilities to successfully insert it into tablets. The operating system developed originally for smartphones was introduced in early 2009, is multitasking and found himself as first on the Palm Pre. Arndt lane field for some time writes articles on current topics in the field of technology. He also helps find electric lighter with his new project.