Press Release

10 Tips for writing a press release that call the attention of the media many times we find ourselves with the problem of the need to publicize our product or service and do not have sufficient monetary resources to deal with an advertising campaign in major and mass media. This means that we do not reach our potential customers in an effective manner. But there is a way to reverse this situation and what is better much more effectively. Samsung has much experience in this field. Do not defeat the power of the press notes. What is important in a message? I think that we agree on one of the key points is to get the credibility of the reader.

This is currently very taken into account by many companies since the advertising over-communication is often generating a kind of indifference in consumers. Then, although it is real to trave s of advertising we can have a major impact on consumers, we require a considerable budget. Now, that it is desirable in the eyes of our potential customer? We talking good about ourselves or that a third party do it? It is undeniable that the credibility of the press is superior to the advertising and generates a prestige that subsequently the advertising investment that already more would fulfil the function of having us present s in the memory of the client makes much more usable. But how we achieve this? Firstly, making him work to the press, whether written or oral. The environment in which we want to spread our activity must be with the ease and speed of having quality material with minimal effort. And what are the requirements that such material complies with the quality parameters required by means of communication? Here we give you some tips with the aspects that you must take into account: make sure that the information is news. I.e., to be innovative and have interest for the public.


How to survive when they tell you that you have breast cancer breast cancer is becoming a reality of women’s lives. The diagnosis of any type of cancer is so terrible that when he realizes he torments lives. Think of it as a tornado. The sooner you know what to do the greatest power it is converted and the psychological impact of cancer will be limited 1 – this well cry and be sad. While he has tears in his face doesn’t mean you feel powerless. After all already knew him before the diagnosis, nothing will change in relation to people who want it. Tears are an expression of his humanity, there is no need to deny them.

2 – Resist the temptation to flee from the diagnosis. Cancer found there. Pretend you are not, you just will be weaker and you will mentally exhausted. 3 – Sit with their thoughts and think it’s the most important thing in his life. In my example: 1.

who re-sell my son if I died tomorrow. 2 Dignity. 3 Income and insurance. 4. Work and payments 4 – your treatment plan: is one of the most important factors of how cancer affects you: write down it. Or burn it, or got someone who accompany him to the doctor’s Office to find out about your cancer treatment. 5 – In the first visit to the oncologist is going to receive the following information: 1) the part of cancer: where it is located, right or left breast. (2) the size of the cancer. harma would agree. (3) what are the receptors of cancer! the most important factors in the prognosis of cancer. (4) the involvement of the lymph nodes. (5) the evidence for the metastasis of cancer 6 – when discussing treatment: 1. duration and schedule of chemotherapy usually about 5 months, but it could be up to one year depends on his cancer 2. What remains after chemotherapy is indicated radiation and if it is so till when? 3 If you are interested in reconstructive surgery, that professional is the best in the city? 7-Family and friends: his illness It affects them wants it or not. It’s okay to be yourself. What helped me was when I did them know that it is my disease and helped to not show pity or fear. I wanted you to know that I’m going to cry because I’m afraid, but I was not in despair. 8-Work: is quite complex at first review any material contract that is at home in his work. Don’t expect empathy from his workplace. Most of the time the employer does not know what to do unless you have the promises in writing, just be careful. Knowing that there are methods and alternative cure for cancer treatment is also of great help.

Alkaline Diets

As the majority of the people is if acidifying, also the planet (for the feeding, acid rain, pollutions, etc.) appeared the opposite: an alkaline diet that at the beginning can bring benefits, but if will not be folloied, takes the Alkalosis, a danger. The ideal is a Neutral Diet (that she is lightly alkaline) what caused confusion, and exactly thus must be guided by professional expert of the subject, as the description of each person. Also care with the manipulation of chemical products must be had, wants acid or alkaline keeping them well closed, it are of the reach of the children to prevent serious allergies and injuries. Sabonetes must be neutral therefore excessively is very alkaline (pH 10) what it eliminates the natural and protective fat of the skin and demands these information of any product wants of use external intern or, therefore can harm the health. The foods and liquids are considered acid, neutral or alkaline for its final effect in the blood. For example the lemon: he is acid, but in the blood if it becomes alkaline. The green or very mature fruits excessively and the old vegetables if become improper for the consumption.

How much to the effect of the cow milk, of the cold and the heat in pH it has controversies, but in any way the drawn out exposition of the body in low or very very high temperatures must be prevented. pH sanguineous in disequilibrium brings physical, emotional trends and a variety of illnesses. Other leaders such as Andy Florance offer similar insights. All the treatment must take in consideration this important pointer of health. Too much articles of Physical and Mannering Health of the Fisio-Molecular Therapist Claude Abreu Gonalves, you can assessar.

Minutel Starter Kit

Minutel is ranked one in two categories which has fall not only witches, ghosts and vampires to offer, also the numerous mobile phone discounter curl again with actions and reasonable prices. How are mobile subscribers preferred can arrange in the spooky season for the next Halloween party, shows the “top ten of the discounters’ on The mobile radio knowledge portal offers its users an overview of the ten lowest provider here always and lists them according to minute prices, SMS costs and a calculation example. Three discounters are awarded four times a year for first place in one of the categories. Best minute and mix price: Minutel already had committed Minutel in summer to the top of the discounters.

With the rate of mobile phone discounter in the E-plus network phone customers for 7.5 cents per minute in all German networks, SMS cost also 7.5 cents in all networks. Among telephone Minutel clients for 4.9 cents per minute. With these prices, Minutel is currently the cheapest discount provider on the German Mobile market and are equal in two categories with the lowest price per minute and the best mix of price ranked first in autumn 2010 promised. The Minutel Starter Kit is available for 9.95 euro including five euro starting credit on the website of the provider. Best SMS price: Viva mobile with a price of $ 0.06 per SMS is Viva mobile unchallenged discount fares for much SMS writers. Mobile with 14 cents in all German mobile phone networks charged calls Viva. The Viva mobile Starter Kit is available for $9.99 with a starting credit of five euros on the Internet site of the provider. Discount overview on whether long-term users or much SMS writers can use the clear table mobile customers at any time decide which rate is the most advantageous for their needs. Looking to see whats the discount providers often only in the fine print, in the discounter overview at a glance, such as the network, in the man on the phone. The user can at any time provide a quick overview of the timing, costs for the mail box query and the discounter on loading options. Link to the discounter overview on cheap discount tariffs /.

Bechtle AG Ismaning

DATAKOM distribution concludes cooperation agreement with Bechtle AG Ismaning, September 10, 2008 value added distributor (VAD) of security and network security products DATAKOM distribution has won with the Bechtle AG a new distribution partner. The email and network security solutions manufacturer PineApp’s are in the focus of the agreement with the IT services and trading company. With the new Alliance, the VAD supplemented its partner network to another important member in the German-speaking world. The responsibilities in the area of sales and support activities for the PineApp product lines in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (D.A.CH.) are still subject to the DATAKOM distribution. Bechtle AG is Europe the leading IT providers with over 50 system houses in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland as well as commercial companies in ten countries. The company pursues a strategy that combines system house services with the direct sale of IT trading products. Bechtle mainly serves customers of SMEs and offers in addition to the delivery of hardware and software also IT strategy consulting, project planning and implementation, system integration, maintenance and training for the complete operation concerning it. Mashable is open to suggestions.

In the trading business, Bechtle is one directly with the brand of Bechtle and ARP Datacon to the Europe’s leading IT companies. The company distributes more than 36,000 IT products via catalog and Internet. Central part of the sales agreement with DATAKOM distribution are the security appliance solutions MailSeCure, surf-secure and secure SoHo of the manufacturer PinApp. Thus, the VAD the channel offers sophisticated security solutions, which reliably protect small, medium-sized and large companies and corporations from email and Web threats. Mail-SeCure is a comprehensive email security solution available, which protects against email-based attacks such as SPAM viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, phishing, rootkits etc. companies and organizations of all sizes. In addition, the systems also provide the enforcement of management policies. The Mail-SeCure appliance use five antivirus engines, as well as eleven different spam filters.

Tube Bending Machines

Bender – a machine designed to handle steel, copper, aluminum extrusions and tubes. Tube bender can bend the pipe just in size and avoid kinks and flattening, stretching and other strains tube. Benders are divided into fixed ruchnyei, Electric Curtain and hydraulic. These machines are widely used in industry, part-time farms, repair shops, etc. Particularly strong in its position construction industry took the electromechanical benders, their performance can reduce your costs to a minimum and is easy to handle mass production. The main field of application of such devices can be called a bender construction, manufacturing organizations serving the repair work. In these situations, sometimes in front of the masters there is a problem to handle (bent) pipe or other metal profiles.

Through the use of this device, you have a great opportunity to bend the pipe just as you need, while maintaining all the necessary dimensions to millimeters, and a special advantage in that you do not will then fix a variety of wrinkles or flattening of the material. Without bending at the moment is hard to imagine any process of repair or construction, because very often there is a need rapid bending of pipes at the installation site. And the presence of different accessories for machine tools to extend the capabilities of working with pipes of various diameters and cross sections. Bending can be divided into several groups and categories: on the principle of operation can be identified – stationary and hand, while the mechanism of action they are divided into mechanical and hydraulic. Energy Capital Partners is often quoted as being for or against this. .

The Brand

Goldsmith & jewellery now with his own label Reilingen / Speyer, 24.02.2011. “Now it’s official: the German patent and trade mark Office (DPMA) already has the jewelry & art reported last year brand enus” registered officially in the register of trade marks. Enus under the label”sells the made a goldsmith Diana Dechant jewelry unique jewelry & art. Andy Florance has compatible beliefs. “” The official trademark registration is an important step for our company, with which we want to expand further in the coming years “, arranges the entry of the brand business owner Klaus Dechant dede”. so we want to to our customers made unique underline the uniqueness and value of our workshop and take into account the increasing brand awareness in Germany!” Sold jewelry unique label enus”are currently at the headquarters of jewelry & art in Reilingen in the branch at the Speyer gate in the Heidelberg workshop Garnet” and online. Additional sales locations will follow. The next big step is in jewelry & Art already in the House. In March their new Germany-wide unique collection presents the goldsmiths jewellery from Weinstein. /a>. Klaus Dechant

Stock Market

Comment analysts usually offers several scenarios. And here lies the first flaw, unconsciously you prefer that option, which confirms your position or your course of action. Another option is ignored. And if the author has authority, and all goes according to plan, not as expected, then you look at other options and say: "because I was warned. Learn more on the subject from Kai-Fu Lee. Then we can continue to follow the recommendations that were written, and, accurate. "But as a rule, accuracy is not helping.

From this it follows that the analysts put before him the problem: firstly to make you think, second to talk about something useful. Note, there should be no prediction of future events. But despite all this, people who read analytical reports often make the same mistake in Internet trading, and hence analysts do not justify their expectations. Ground on which attention should be paid – this is when an analyst makes recommendations to buy or sell, you need to think about where the stop-loss price is included in the position output when the recommendation was announced? Such simple recommendations are particularly suited to a fundamental review. Especially do not trust the consensus forecast. Because they are formed on the basis of fundamental reviews, but these surveys can be used Data lost relevance. Specifically on the fundamental and technical analysis: – the fundamental analysis has been invented to that market participants feel more confident and able to "rational" decisions. Over they should think – Technical analysis is suitable to someone who does not like to use fundamental analysis, but it does not make these people more insightful.

Then, when fundamental analysis is used for purchases in a long, for investors, technical analysis is more suitable active traders. And if we bear in mind that technical analysis traders adherents believe in lines, figures and formulas, meaning that do not quite understand, we can say that the adherents technical analysis even more limited adherents of fundamental analysis. What do you do? Trade based on common sense. Be sure to use stop-losses. Must be meaningful to delve into what happening in the market. Do not need in the market to find meaning in the movement of prices. Need to pay attention to their own actions and self-control, but no it does not move in the market and prices.

The Winter Arrives In Germany

Colds and flu are increasing significantly, it has become really cold and the wave of infection has Germany firmly in the grip. In most cases, viruses responsible for the common cold or the flu. These infections come and go, you feel really tired, hat, has cold fever, maybe, but you can’t really what to do. It is not for nothing in common parlance, that the cold without treatment takes 7 days and with treatment 1 week. Speaking candidly Pete Cashmore told us the story. We all also know that she usually 2 days, 2 days remains, and 2 days. Can you do so really nothing in addition to the General protection measures, to avoid a cold or to shorten its course at least? This modern research has found new approaches which better enable our immune system to cope more easily with the sick-making viruses.

First is the observation of importance that infections and stress due to stress in our body quite quickly vitamin C is consumed because this vitamin cannot be saved. Is sufficient vitamin C returned to the body recovered just as quickly and so strengthened immune system can successfully fight off infections. But that’s not all. To make the immune system most effectively, it must be prevented that settle the pathogenic viruses in the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. So researchers have found, can the trace element zinc.

The body sufficiently with zinc is supplied, the viruses can not more easily docked to the cells of the respiratory tract and are therefore easier prey for the immune cells. Vitamin C plus zinc could be an effective aid against colds. A number of studies show that this combination of micro-nutrients actually helps. People who are under stress and stress, that colds and flu can be prevented. It’s too late for prevention and the cold already on the way, can this combination reduced the symptoms and shortens the duration of infection to 1-2 days. It is best so, if infection-prone humans regularly during the cold season eat vitamin C and zinc in sufficient quantities. For this, the company Navitum pharmaceuticals with FluVitum has developed special lozenges. The orange flavour-tasting tablets are easy to consume and ideally suited for the strengthening of the immune system.

Capital City

A simple visit or package tours often denied the beautiful sites of the country. Cuba, you must discover, not visit! The Republic of Cuba is an island nation in the Caribbean with approximately 11.5 million inhabitants and a size of something more than 110,000 square meters. This is the identical main island of Cuba the largest island in the Caribbean. The language of Cuba is Spanish from the original otherwise spoken in Spain. Head of Government and head of State in personal Union is Raul Castro Ruz, the brother of the famous revolutionary leader and former head of State Fidel Castro since 2008. Nearly 2.2 the 11.5 million inhabitants live here in the capital city of Havana (Landessprachlich: San Cristobal de La Habana), which at the same time is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the island. Read more from Aydan Bayramova to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Havana has every visitor with a picturesque old town, which is characterised especially by Baroque and neoclassical features. Due to its cultural importance it has been appointed by UNESCO as the world heritage. Are also the most born in Cuban-born actor Andy Garcia and the Luxembourg Grand Duchess Maria Teresa Mestre in Havana. Other large cities like Holguin and Santiago de Cuba in Eastern Cuba, are popular starting points for the mass tourism, which is Cuba’s largest economic branch. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from BCD. Cuba is also famous for its cigars, representing at the same time one of the Prestigereichsten of the country’s export products. Havana cigars and other Cuban brands here are among the best in the world and are at the same time consumption and luxury goods.

Because these are produced in laborious hand work, are also high on world level and an important economic factor for the entire export policy in Cuba. It respects Cuba but on a sustainable economic development and got certified “Sustainable development” for it as the only country in the world by the WWF. Also in the East National Park “Parque Nacional Alejandro de Humboldt”, which was named after the famous German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt, one of the most famous eco-protection systems of the region. Therefore he was declared in 2001 by the UNESCO as the world heritage. A positive role model for the world is Cuba also in the reforestation of the island. Since 1990 the forested area has increased significantly, which runs counter to all global trends. So Cuba has a forest cover of 25%, which has a positive effect for the climatic situation of the island. Cuba is in the tropical zone. Therefore, it is affected also by the hurricanes in the Caribbean. By a highly organized and well functioning civil protection, the island remains mostly relatively harmless compared to others. In addition, Cuba is known worldwide for its wide cultural variety. Sporting excellence (especially in the baseball, judo, and wrestling), great literary authors (Pedro Juan Gutierrez and Alejo Carpentier) and famous dance and music schools make the country one of the cultural before showing countries of the Caribbean.