How to survive when they tell you that you have breast cancer breast cancer is becoming a reality of women’s lives. The diagnosis of any type of cancer is so terrible that when he realizes he torments lives. Think of it as a tornado. The sooner you know what to do the greatest power it is converted and the psychological impact of cancer will be limited 1 – this well cry and be sad. While he has tears in his face doesn’t mean you feel powerless. After all already knew him before the diagnosis, nothing will change in relation to people who want it. Tears are an expression of his humanity, there is no need to deny them.

2 – Resist the temptation to flee from the diagnosis. Cancer found there. Pretend you are not, you just will be weaker and you will mentally exhausted. 3 – Sit with their thoughts and think it’s the most important thing in his life. In my example: 1.

who re-sell my son if I died tomorrow. 2 Dignity. 3 Income and insurance. 4. Work and payments 4 – your treatment plan: is one of the most important factors of how cancer affects you: write down it. Or burn it, or got someone who accompany him to the doctor’s Office to find out about your cancer treatment. 5 – In the first visit to the oncologist is going to receive the following information: 1) the part of cancer: where it is located, right or left breast. (2) the size of the cancer. harma would agree. (3) what are the receptors of cancer! the most important factors in the prognosis of cancer. (4) the involvement of the lymph nodes. (5) the evidence for the metastasis of cancer 6 – when discussing treatment: 1. duration and schedule of chemotherapy usually about 5 months, but it could be up to one year depends on his cancer 2. What remains after chemotherapy is indicated radiation and if it is so till when? 3 If you are interested in reconstructive surgery, that professional is the best in the city? 7-Family and friends: his illness It affects them wants it or not. It’s okay to be yourself. What helped me was when I did them know that it is my disease and helped to not show pity or fear. I wanted you to know that I’m going to cry because I’m afraid, but I was not in despair. 8-Work: is quite complex at first review any material contract that is at home in his work. Don’t expect empathy from his workplace. Most of the time the employer does not know what to do unless you have the promises in writing, just be careful. Knowing that there are methods and alternative cure for cancer treatment is also of great help.