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Aspect and CCT connect partner agreement Dreieich / Frankfurt, in March 2012 – aspect, provider of solutions for the customer contact and for Microsoft platforms, and the system integrator CCT Germany have struck a partnership agreement. Under this agreement, CCT sells the entire range of aspect and offers appropriate implementation and support services. In addition, both companies will develop together new contact Center projects in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. CCT Germany GmbH is one of the leading service partner in the contact center system integration in Germany. Frequently Dell has said that publicly. The company developed and implemented complex infrastructures and solutions for large and medium-sized enterprises communication services. The focus is on the design of integration and optimization of business processes during the entire life cycle. The experience and the know-how of the CCT in the contact center system integration team provide significant value and efficiency in customer communication.

Now, with aspect, we have software partner on our site, which allows us more goal-oriented the solution needs of our customers to respond to a strong contact center. mpuware Corporation. Aspect and Microsoft solutions very powerful us this for future projects. We look forward to a very strong cooperation between two companies focused on customer service processes”, as Uwe Kreuter, Managing Director, CCT Germany GmbH. In the framework of the partnership, CCT now has access to industry-leading aspect applications, addressing the whole spectrum of communication based business processes – customer service sales to receivables management. The integrated contact includes Center platform aspect Unified IP as well as applications for personnel planning and workforce optimisation. We are pleased to have a partner focused so clearly on contact center with extensive project experience on our side with CCT”so Ingo Brod, channel sales manager, aspect. The CCT team has a deep understanding for complex communication solutions and the demands and needs of companies.

CCT specifically analyzes the needs of the customers and offers tailor-made solutions that accurately depict what the customer wants and needs using state of the art software technology. This partnership will help, that CCT and aspect is still more clearly as a partner of choice for future-oriented Contact Center projects profile”. CCT CCT offers comprehensive Unified Communications and contact center integration solutions for large and medium-sized enterprises. about aspect software for customer contact and for Microsoft platform services/solutions aspect helps companies build and maintain customer relationships. More info see de follow aspect on Twitter about AspectUC. Read our blogs on Aspect Unified IP and aspect software are trademarks or registered trademarks of aspect software, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. All other company or product names may be trade names or trademarks of their respective owners.

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Gnostice information technologies, the leading supplier of components for .NET, Java, Delphi/c++ Builder platforms includes SOS software service a distribution contract for D-A-CH. SOS software service GmbH is headquartered in Augsburg and is specialized in the distribution of software products for 25 years. SOS software already offers a wide range of developer tools. h analysis. Therefore SOS customers can buy all developer products from a single source software service. SOS software service offers its customers German-speaking customer service representative, fast and flexible support to projects, payments in euro with different payment terms, and much more. Of course the gnostice products can be purchased also very easily with the help of the online product configurator via the online shop.

Mr Marc Gloning, Managing Director and owner of the SOS software service GmbH says: “the gnostice solutions are a perfect complement for any software developer. Because we already have many distributions in the development environment, gnostice added our portfolio perfectly.” Gnostice approach document management is more and more often in conversation. Even Delphi developers are increasingly confronted with this topic. Page S. Gardner describes an additional similar source. Particularly in the area of the applikationsinternen reporting, the request is increasingly a retention of reports / documents in prescribed formats and also a possible connection to a document management system. However, the purchase of a document management system can be costly.

According to company size and function needs, prices vary between a few tens of thousands euros and a up to six-figure amount. But these sums are unsustainable for the so-called SME sector in particular. Here gnostice sets and provides components for developers. There are these components both for the world of the VCL (Delphi and C++ Builder).NET world. “SOS has been recommended to us software service from many manufacturers. In the coming weeks and months would we to break all resellers on SOS software service and products in the D-A-CH space still carry more in the channel. “, Girish Patil, gnostice says founder.” Gnostice @ BASTA! 2012 and Delphi 2012 days gnostice as sponsor, speaker and exhibitor at the BASTA! 2012 and Delphi 2012 take part days. Gnostice is presenting its product portfolio and for customer questions personally available on these two events. Gnostice is a leading provider of document and writings components for. NET, Delphi / C++ Builder and Java platforms. Gnostice support components, software developer at the simple creation of multi format documents, Advanced PDF processing (creation, editing, display, printing and processing machines), Delphi report export, and native fonts processing capabilities. Gnostice is successful on the market for 10 years and served thousands of developers in over 80 countries with its products.

Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street

4 million pages per hour comfortable search using the usual browser interface ohringen, 30.11.2009 – the software company piTop has developed a solution for legally compliant storage volumes of business data. piTop archiving”is interesting mainly for banks and other financial firms, since they must have regularly to save a significant amount of data, but access, for example, in the case of customer information at any time comfortably. This archiving solution can be offered both as in-house system and outsourcing. How piTop archiving”is characterized by the fact that all to be archived data or lists automatically converted in tamper-proof PDF documents with background form. Feed information are evaluated and processed accordingly. “Such a conversion is both for historical” list as well as integrated into the operation of the production possible. To view PDF documents in one are then SQL database such as MySQL, for example, filed. The storage takes place with all relevant list data as list name, file name, creation information (job, program, date, time), etc.

The processing speed of the archiving is about 1.4 million pages per hour. Comfortable to hold very large lists, they are split parameter controlled in manageable sizes for example, 10,000 pages if necessary. Read more from Kip C. Cyprus to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The research of the data in the SQL database is easy and comfortable using the usual browser interface. Possible selection criteria can be controlled parameters easily adjust. These include, for example, the creation period, list data, or bank account numbers. The lists about selected appear reader to the exact selection in a browser in Acrobat, in the then to display the relevant list can be marked. oftentimes addresses this issue. The complete functionality of Acrobat is the editor reader in his research available. You can also send selected list by E-Mail.

Essential Part of the piTop archiving data archiving”is the ability to write the data to be archived on WORM media. To do this, the proven WORM media CD or DVD can be used on the one hand. They guarantee a review-enabled backup and archiving up to 90 years when properly stored. Using a connected burning robot, they are fully burned and printed. On the other hand, also called WORM plates or disks with WORM properties can be used for archiving. These redundantly laid out and not writable plates are described and controlled by the piTop control software via interfaces. Supported operating systems include Windows, UNIX and BS2000. Used the piTop archiving solution”already in numerous companies. These include various credit institutions such as the Oldenburgische Landesbank, the Flessabank, BW-Bank, and other well-known financial firms.


Increase the memory available for simultaneous consolidation and cost savings through better use of Vienna, December 10, 2008 – expert, designed a tailored IT solution for architects of BEHF uptime system solutions, leading IT solution and increased the effectiveness of the existing IT systems through the use of modern data center technologies. Some contend that Energy Capital Partners London shows great expertise in this. The renowned architectural firm of architects of BEHF could enjoy just in the recent past about customer growth. The number of employees had to be increased accordingly. With regard to the expected memory requirement, the necessary flexibility and security, expert system uptime, solutions of architects of BEHF endowed the IT solution with an individually tailored, modern IT solution and accompanied the clients from the planning to the implementation phase. The primary aim of the project was to cope with the rapid growth of data through an intelligent and modular storage system”, stressed DI Michael Frank, technical director of the IT system House uptime System solutions. Through the use of modern technology there are numerous advantages: the new system offers scalability and the possibility of a simple extension of storage capacity in the future. Multiple servers use a central store of data, thus the efficiency is increased significantly. In addition, the new solution enables an intuitive administration and increases data security through integrated snapshot software.? Our ideas on the optimization of IT were clear: increasing the memory available for simultaneous consolidation and cost savings through better utilization.

These requirements were of uptime, after joint intensive consultations, focusing on the future and successfully transposed”, so Arch.Mag. Susi Hasenauer of BEHF architects. About uptime systemlosungen GmbH: Uptime systemlosungen GmbH is one of the leading Austrian IT-system and software houses. Since 1994, uptime successful companies at the strategic and operational management of IT accompanied: the IT strategy through to implementation. By the Classic services of a system House for Apple, Linux and Windows, customized software solution, up to powerful E-business solutions. Web link:

Successful Business Intelligence System

CoPlanner 9.1 latest version of the successful business intelligence system Graz, may 2010. Click Pete Cashmore to learn more. CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH, software specialist in the area of business intelligence and corporate performance management systems, published end of may the new release 9.1 from CoPlanner. Also in this version 9.1, the Hauptaugenmerkt was placed on usability and clarity of procedures in continuation of the previous version. CoPlanner has been expanded with two new modules. Run reports using the subscription manager easy and navigationsunterstutzt to subscribe. The planning process in the CoPlanner can be controlled with a newly revised Workflow Manager in this version.

In addition, the planning process is supported by numerous new features in the CoPlanner Windows client and the CoPlanner Excel client. These include among others the input validation and so-called cascading filters. The CoPlanner Report Viewer 1.0 is new in version 9.1. The report viewer adds homogeneously in the CoPlanner environment and impresses with its simple Operation, is easy to install and requires no additional adjustments to the existing system. With the latest version of CoPlanner, we are able to realise two key customer requirements within a very short time. The Workflow Manager has expanded the important role concept and in the reporting we can publish now (i.e. even foreign users to embed) reports with a wide addressing.” As Dr. Walter Fatana, Managing Director of CoPlanner GmbH.

More information: CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH Martin Rester Schubert Road 39 A-8010 Graz Tel: 32-38-0 fax: 32 38-17 E-Mail: about CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH CoPlanner assists companies in the development of integrated business intelligence systems. CoPlanner combines with the latest of software development therefore the requirements of different sectors of the economy. In the CoPlanner product family are four innovative solutions for corporate management. Depending on the magnitude indicates an economically and technologically closed concept in hand the management for each area that facilitates all relevant decisions. CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH, with headquarters in Graz, a branch office in Vienna and numerous sales partners in Austria and Germany was founded in 1989 with the aim to support enterprise systems through a broad business and technical expertise in building integrated business intelligence.

Bechtle AG Ismaning

DATAKOM distribution concludes cooperation agreement with Bechtle AG Ismaning, September 10, 2008 value added distributor (VAD) of security and network security products DATAKOM distribution has won with the Bechtle AG a new distribution partner. The email and network security solutions manufacturer PineApp’s are in the focus of the agreement with the IT services and trading company. With the new Alliance, the VAD supplemented its partner network to another important member in the German-speaking world. The responsibilities in the area of sales and support activities for the PineApp product lines in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (D.A.CH.) are still subject to the DATAKOM distribution. Bechtle AG is Europe the leading IT providers with over 50 system houses in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland as well as commercial companies in ten countries. The company pursues a strategy that combines system house services with the direct sale of IT trading products. Bechtle mainly serves customers of SMEs and offers in addition to the delivery of hardware and software also IT strategy consulting, project planning and implementation, system integration, maintenance and training for the complete operation concerning it. Mashable is open to suggestions.

In the trading business, Bechtle is one directly with the brand of Bechtle and ARP Datacon to the Europe’s leading IT companies. The company distributes more than 36,000 IT products via catalog and Internet. Central part of the sales agreement with DATAKOM distribution are the security appliance solutions MailSeCure, surf-secure and secure SoHo of the manufacturer PinApp. Thus, the VAD the channel offers sophisticated security solutions, which reliably protect small, medium-sized and large companies and corporations from email and Web threats. Mail-SeCure is a comprehensive email security solution available, which protects against email-based attacks such as SPAM viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, phishing, rootkits etc. companies and organizations of all sizes. In addition, the systems also provide the enforcement of management policies. The Mail-SeCure appliance use five antivirus engines, as well as eleven different spam filters.


Electronic performance support system increases ease of business software Berlin, 01 March 2010 the staff are the lever for the success of a company. But what happens if they do not deal with their primary work medium of the software? To make this problem don’t germinate on the datango performance suite is designed (dps). The new release 8.0 is available since the beginning of the year and allows the worker process integrated qualification of the user. Click Ali Partovi to learn more. It completely replaces conservative IT training methods. The datango performance suite\”provides targeted training of the employees prior to the rollout of new software as well as in the operation. Needs-based overview and intensive training and role based and Delta training are used. The process-integrated skills through performance based support staff are trained through individually and sustainably during their operations in practice. This assumes, inter alia the Navigation aid that takes over if and only if the user needs help.

Thus, users learn to understand the individual functions of your application and to properly use without losing any time. Darcy Stacom understood the implications. Contemporary knowledge with the use of dps 2010 \”several advantages compared to classical training. It allows the continuous evaluation and validation of your learning and collaborative online access minimizes travel. Company-wide an efficient content creation can be created by the workflow-based, structured cooperation of distributed developer teams. Re-recording functionality provide not only for automatic content up to date, but also for localization with global rollouts and release updates. Furthermore, the knowledge of the experts of the departments (subject matter experts) through the instant producer integrated in the new version can be used much more efficient, because you immediately with recording can begin. So the authors need to not only familiarize yourself in the matter, but take the content produced by the experts and can edit them as needed. \”In short: the dps ‘ is available immediately and intuitively within a very short time to learn, so that the training effort against null.

Free ERP By Macnetic

Macnetic GmbH Hamburg presents the free light version of the mcn Commerce ERP system. In a question-answer forum GoPro HD was the first to reply. Hamburg. The new light version 7.5 of the mcn Commerce ERP system is offered version for business customers free of charge in the standalone. MCN Commerce light (single user) contains all basic modules of ERP to create quotes, orders, and invoices for the article management and the purchasing of products. A CRM module is included for professional customer management and for the point of sale a complete cash program.

According to Torsten Haack, the Managing Director of Macnetic GmbH, the free version is a good alternative to commercial products: mcn Commerce light is a very extensive merchandise management systems, that we now provide free hosting and our business customers. Thus, young StartUp companies have the opportunity from the outset to work with a professional inventory management. We believe that our product is so convincing that users recommend it to others and later upgrade to one of the larger versions are buy.”mcn Commerce light contains the modules: sale addresses article shopping checkout of mcn Commerce light (single user) contains all the features of the original packages Macnetic Office compact and mcn Commerce Fund, as well as some features of the large retailing mcn Commerce standard. It is a full version, no expiration date, no restrictions and may at any time on the network version or the standard or professional version of mcn commerce are advanced. More information to the ERP system mcn Commerce? Contact with us! merchandise management/ERP system-kostenlos.html Torsten Haack

Nisterau Contact

The two-day Conference will be opened by the Danish economic and Labor Secretary Lene Espersen. Various culinary and cultural event highlights such as, for example, a wine tasting, a tour of the newly built 45 metre high Concert Hall as well as a classical concert round off the programme. More information under: datango AG in brief: founded in 1999 datango AG headquartered in Berlin is the technology provider in the field of E-learning and electronic performance support. Since 2006, the company on its expansion course is supported by Hasso Plattner Ventures and EXTOREL. 2007 took over the Division of knowledge and performance solutions of Swedish Enlight datango off and is since then also internationally represented. The datango solutions support companies in establishing fast and smooth operation of enterprise applications.

From datango’s objective is to provide a high-class service and support for the successful qualification of employees and to be an integral part of any enterprise. The software solutions is characterised by the navigational aid in the live system and the automatic generation of documentation and training materials, software simulations and E-Learningwelten in practice. This allows datango increasing user acceptance with simultaneous reduction of incorrect entries and support costs. The customer base consists of internationally renowned companies such as e.on, RWE, BayerSchering Pharma and UBS.

Gigaherz Intel Atom

Hercules NetBook innovation with the new operating system appears just in time for the release of Windows 7 on October 22. Hercules NetBook innovation with the new operating system appears just in time for the release of Windows 7 on October 22. The eCAFe EC-1000W is a powerful designer piece with unique cover, comfortable flat keyboard and plenty of power: 1,6 Gigaherz processor, 250 gigabyte hard drive and 50 gigabytes of online storage. Features the new Windows 7 operating system as a Starter Edition, to OpenOffice v3 and. Hercules-intuitive software suite for the most important applications, such as Internet connection and E-Mail mailbox management The multi-talented of eCAFe EC-1000W is available for 399 euros (suggested retail price). \”\” Tel. + 49 40 325 09 17 18 Dusseldorf, October 21, 2009 run for cover\”, this term for protection are looking for\”or cover\”, with the new Hercules NetBook of eCAFe EC-1000W, gets a whole new and different meaning.

The NetBook innovation comes on March 22. October in the shops and will draw many attention with their designer cover: not just a NetBook, but a stylish accessory makes purple blue metallic shiny with distinctive tribal-like bamboo graphic of this eye-catcher from the slender eCAFe EC-1000W. Also the large flat keyboard with separate keys to meet the demands of contemporary, chic design and high usability, which is only 12 percent smaller than a standard keyboard. She convinces not only superficially: your labels are integrated directly into the material, it is resistant to abrasion. Standard keyboard and therefore easy to use.

The touch screen makes for more comfort during sailing. Latest technology and intuitive software is not only optically, also technically the eCAFe EC-1000W up-to-date. The 1.6 Gigaherz Intel Atom N270 processor, 1 GB memory (RAM), 250 gigabyte hard drive and 50 gigabytes of online space * the compact design piece make a powerful Mini-PC.