Windream Integrated Storage Solution

Low-cost and energy-saving storage solution for the legally-compliant long-term archiving of sensitive data Bochum the windream GmbH, manufacturer and provider of enterprise-content-management-system windream, a new integration for your ECM system presents. With a software-based connection to “Silent Cubes” the Bochum company in addition to the already existing integrations with various hardware-storage systems now offers another solution, with the windream users law can store their data in a secure, disk-based long-term archive. Silent cubes a product fast LTA AG, Munich, is characterized by an extremely attractive price performance ratio with low energy consumption. Not only but especially medium-sized companies with a complete and fully integrated ECM platform, including long term archive, which is always scalable, affordable and easy to use windream and silent cubes. About the windream life cycle management configuration because to the windream ECM-system due to its open architecture also in very heterogeneous IT environments ideal for archiving documents is, connect to the silent-cubes long-term archive without effort can be done ad hoc.

The addressing and configuration of the “Silent Cubes” storage system directly via integrated in windream lifecycle management for documents to be archived. Here, including the processing and archiving periods be set such as the duration of archiving and the end of a period of archiving. The rules that determine the life cycle of the documents can be also with the settings of the respective windream-specific document and coordinate folder types that describe the documents stored in windream ECM-related object properties. After the end of the processing period, which has been assigned to a document, the object automatically as read-only is tagged and passed to silent cubes. Then it can no longer continue to work. The silent-cubes-storage technology in conjunction with the windream archive software however ensures that each document stored in a “silent”cube without loss of time is again searchable. The windream-specific search applications available are for research.