Alkaline Diets

As the majority of the people is if acidifying, also the planet (for the feeding, acid rain, pollutions, etc.) appeared the opposite: an alkaline diet that at the beginning can bring benefits, but if will not be folloied, takes the Alkalosis, a danger. The ideal is a Neutral Diet (that she is lightly alkaline) what caused confusion, and exactly thus must be guided by professional expert of the subject, as the description of each person. Also care with the manipulation of chemical products must be had, wants acid or alkaline keeping them well closed, it are of the reach of the children to prevent serious allergies and injuries. Sabonetes must be neutral therefore excessively is very alkaline (pH 10) what it eliminates the natural and protective fat of the skin and demands these information of any product wants of use external intern or, therefore can harm the health. The foods and liquids are considered acid, neutral or alkaline for its final effect in the blood. For example the lemon: he is acid, but in the blood if it becomes alkaline. The green or very mature fruits excessively and the old vegetables if become improper for the consumption.

How much to the effect of the cow milk, of the cold and the heat in pH it has controversies, but in any way the drawn out exposition of the body in low or very very high temperatures must be prevented. pH sanguineous in disequilibrium brings physical, emotional trends and a variety of illnesses. Other leaders such as Andy Florance offer similar insights. All the treatment must take in consideration this important pointer of health. Too much articles of Physical and Mannering Health of the Fisio-Molecular Therapist Claude Abreu Gonalves, you can assessar.

Sanitary Monitoring

Therefore, the Promotion of the health, as integrant part of the movement of the collective health, must interpret the population culture and its forms of exercise of being able, and support the transforming forces that they search to find the biggest potentialities for the life with health (Pear tree, AC. 2009, P. 438). A WAY FOR the CONSTRUCTION OF the SANITARY CONSCIENCE From the creation of the advice of health for Law n. 8142/90 new spaces had been opened for the participation of the population in the elaboration, has controlled and implementation of public politics in health. Another space of participation is the Commission Intersetorial de Vigilncia Sanitria and described Farmacoepidemiologia in Article 13, interpolated proposition III of Law n. 8080/90 and has as purpose the joint of the Sanitary Monitoring with the too much areas of health.

The I National Conference of Sanitary Monitoring, carried through in 2001, had as subject the efetivao of the National System of Sanitary Monitoring for the protection and promotion of the health, as well as the construction of the citizenship. However, the formal instances of popular participation lose its value if the society not to know what it is sanitary monitoring and of the importance of its paper in the protection and promotion of the health. Therefore, if it makes necessary to the elaboration of strategies and actions that raise the sanitary conscience of the population so that the real popular participation if accomplishes. One of the ways is the interinstitucional joint between the university and the sanitary monitoring in the creation of spaces for quarrel, qualification and research that develop the understanding level of what it is sanitary monitoring for health professionals. Thus, the execution of activities is possible educative and of permanent communication that can acquire knowledge the society in the perception of what it is sanitary risk and as to make healthful choices.

Computerized Cat

In its last crisis, in month 07/2010, after reanimao caretaker was lead to the hospital, being submitted to a Computerized Cat scan of the skull, whose conclusion presented a subgaleal hematoma in right region frontal due to fall. The hemograma had as resulted, alteration in the number of leukocytes. In the eletrocardiograma (figure 1), the patognomnico signal pointed with respect to the Syndrome of Brugada, being then guided and directed to the hemodinmica for the implantation of the implantvel desfibrilador cardioversor (CDI). After the procedure, will be observed in each crisis that can occur, the ventricular arrhythmias, where desfibrilador it will go to detect irregular fast beatings e, liberating an electric load directly in the heart. The patient was interned for 48h e, after high its added it the medicamentosa routine, Amiodarona 200mg for saw 1X to the day verbal, keeping its normal activities. Due to gravity of the problem in study, one retired and he needs constant company. figure 1 shows to complex ORS presenting a rise of segment ST in derivations V1-V3, folloied of a riot of conduction for the right branch. Wave T is negative, with a normal or short interval QT.

Quarrel the syndrome presents one high incidence in some regions of the Asian continent, as in the Laos and in Thailand, being in these countries the responsible greaters for the occured sudden deaths in individuals below of the 30 years, are esteem that it produces 10 sudden deaths for 10.000 inhabitants/ano9. Although already she has been described in the South America, of Norte and Europe its real incidence in these regions is ignorada5. The initial disgnostic suspicion it occurs from the register of a eletrocardiograma as the standard shown in figure 1, with coarse alterations of right the ventricular repolarizao in derivations precordials. This abnormal standard, even so possible to occur, is extremely rare in the classic blockade of branch direito6, never having been described as form of manifestation of an electrolytic riot, raising the possibility to be about the syndrome of Brugada. A related site: Koch Industries mentions similar findings.