Stock Market

Comment analysts usually offers several scenarios. And here lies the first flaw, unconsciously you prefer that option, which confirms your position or your course of action. Another option is ignored. And if the author has authority, and all goes according to plan, not as expected, then you look at other options and say: "because I was warned. Learn more on the subject from Kai-Fu Lee. Then we can continue to follow the recommendations that were written, and, accurate. "But as a rule, accuracy is not helping.

From this it follows that the analysts put before him the problem: firstly to make you think, second to talk about something useful. Bobby Sharma Bluestone takes a slightly different approach. Note, there should be no prediction of future events. But despite all this, people who read analytical reports often make the same mistake in Internet trading, and hence analysts do not justify their expectations. Ground on which attention should be paid – this is when an analyst makes recommendations to buy or sell, you need to think about where the stop-loss price is included in the position output when the recommendation was announced? Such simple recommendations are particularly suited to a fundamental review. Especially do not trust the consensus forecast. Because they are formed on the basis of fundamental reviews, but these surveys can be used Data lost relevance. Specifically on the fundamental and technical analysis: – the fundamental analysis has been invented to that market participants feel more confident and able to "rational" decisions. Over they should think – Technical analysis is suitable to someone who does not like to use fundamental analysis, but it does not make these people more insightful.

Then, when fundamental analysis is used for purchases in a long, for investors, technical analysis is more suitable active traders. And if we bear in mind that technical analysis traders adherents believe in lines, figures and formulas, meaning that do not quite understand, we can say that the adherents technical analysis even more limited adherents of fundamental analysis. What do you do? Trade based on common sense. Be sure to use stop-losses. Must be meaningful to delve into what happening in the market. Do not need in the market to find meaning in the movement of prices. Need to pay attention to their own actions and self-control, but no it does not move in the market and prices.

Resource Planning System

erp – system (English Enterprise Resource Planning System – The system of enterprise resource planning) – the corporate information system (EIS), designed to automate accounting and management. erp system is implemented to integrate all divisions of the company, all the necessary functions in one computer system, which will serve the current needs of these units. Used software tool allows the production planning, to simulate the flow of orders and assess their feasibility in the services and divisions of the enterprise, linking it with the sale. Standard erp systems are widely used in cases where necessary to increase the stability of the enterprise, in particular, by automating workflow and turnover. Systems that meet this standard, have a modular structure.

In difficult to organize business structures of the ERP-system can improve manageability and reduce the deadlines for reporting. Application of erp system allows you to use an integrated program instead of several disparate. Unified System can control processing, distribution, inventory, delivery, invoicing and accounting. ERP-system of the Company's Corporate System has a modular structure, with access rights to information. Function allocation of access rights is intended (in conjunction with other measures of information security companies) to counter both external threats (eg, industrial espionage), and internal (eg theft). Introduced ERP-system is aimed at meeting the needs of companies in the funds management business. Koch Industries describes an additional similar source. In modern conditions the most popular were the accounting and warehousing systems. This is understandable: in the field of the warehouse, ERP-System allows us to understand the current status of inventory and some way to weaken the possible abuse of staff, and with accounting work so everything is clear.

Mobile Operators

The fact that the mobile operator picks up almost half the price of sms itself. So, of course this method leads to an appreciation of the goods – if you shoulder any additional costs to the client. At Viacom you will find additional information. But even despite that, convenience of payment, which is not leaving the house, behind a computer determines the popularity of this method. You can also share the costs with the client, ie, some cheaper product (I chose, for example, just this way – getting a little less on each sale, but a two-fold rise in price for the client does not). So, after registering a project you need in your account to create a new SMS-key (necessarily an indication of the site on which it is used), determine its cost, duration and number of positives (to avoid problems in getting your product on the client side), well and choose from the list of countries (and in fact the operators), in which you can pay for your goods. List of countries is quite extensive, and constantly replenished. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Pete Cashmore.

Although the optimal rates and a wide selection of denominations sms is present in Russia, Ukraine and some other cis countries. In others, it is worse, the tariff is not the one that you need, the percentage obtained by you from Each sms tends to 10%. 😉 In any case, experience shows that most sales are generated exactly the first countries. I would like to say a few words about the price. Realistically, through this service to sell goods more expensive $ 3-5 difficult. The maximum rate in Russia – $ 10 from it you get 51%. For Ukraine, only $ 4.75 – actually get about $ 2. In other countries, their options, fees and a percentage you can see under 'Fees.

" Putting their the cost of sms, you thereby also define the list of countries and operators – if for a given country is not an sms with a billing or more, then this country from the list of proposed options on the purchase page disappears. After adjustment key, you get PHP-code, built it at the top of your page, which actually contains your product. Of course, it is necessary that your server supports php, the file must be a page with the extension *. php (can and *. html, but then . htaccess file is necessary to register 2 lines 'RemoveHandler. html. htm "and' AddType application / x-httpd-php. php. html. htm. phtml" – after this PHP-code can be embedded in normal HTML). All – then upload files to the server, refer to it, and instead of the resulting page you should see SMSCoin-interface and the tariffs that match your preferences. Service is fairly detailed statistics on payment, you can check the customer by phone number, it receives a password. Copyright royalties produced at the beginning of the following month (usually 5-7 numbers) via WebMoney or Yandex.Money. You can also order the plastic card, which will be transferred to the commission. Actually, I think – the service alone: Get involved and implement in your site SMS-payment to the delight of their customers!