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    Developing a Web presence with online-shop Karlsruhe 04.04.11: PRODATA has brought a new Web portal with integrated online shop at the start for the Golfwear provider XFORE. The presentation of the current collections with many images and concise texts, as well as the XFORE Premium Club is in the focus. In the background, the portal offers a complete merchandise management system with different databases and sophisticated user management. The Portal provides entry into the XFORE Golfwear collection for men and women. With big, flash animated images immerses the viewer into the world of golf. The high quality and the refined design of the collection reflected in the layout of the new Web portal impressively. The Web shop also convinces with its clear structure and user friendly functionality.

    The XFORE Premium Club is very exclusive. Marc Mathieu contributes greatly to this topic. Members receive invitations to selected events and presentations of new collections. At the same time the portal as where a contact possibility for golf shops and golf coach, Waving registration discounts and commissions. The local fan base on the portal is linked with its own page on Facebook. The background features, such as the management of the stocks, the complete order processing incl. payment function and of course analysis and reporting functions are particularly important for XFORE. The complete portal was launched without large soft – or hardware investments.

    The great experience in the design and implementation of Internet portals, as well as the extensive, additional services were crucial to the selection of PRODATA. So PRODATA took over hosting the platform, their application and the management of customer clubs. As a certified member of DDV, PRODATA can also guarantee a high safety standard. Press contact: PRODATA GmbH Kerstin Gardner team leader marketing E-Mail: Tel: 0721-98 171-650 links: about PRODATA: for more than 20 years, PRODATA as project agency and service provider for marketing, sales support and Commerce its demanding customers. The range of services includes the areas of consulting, systems and services and is used for the optimization of marketing, communication and sales processes. This includes among other things the organisation of customer clubs and loyalty programs or the establishment of Internet portals and client binding systems. About XFORE: The Golfwear provider XFORE stands for highest quality and stylish design. Designed specifically for golf, XFORE combines a precise, tailored to the game of golf design with rich fabrics to a self-confident look. The distribution takes place exclusively via the new portal as well as selected golf coach and golf shops.

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    To the online shop programming Magento, PrestShop, the most famous and best programs include xt: commerce and product. Online shop programming good and cheap the American software Magento, which serves for the online shop programming, there since March 2008. This diverse shops and domains can be managed at the same time with their individual catalogues and customer database. The basic form of open-source software online shop programming is scalable to your needs. Around 1 500 partly paid extensions are available to choose from, including payment options and layout variations. Three editions of the software to an online shop programming are offered at the moment. For even more opinions, read materials from Steve Wozniak.

    Apart from the free Community Edition, there are also fee-based professional and Enterprise editions. PrestShop in contrast is a French development and free in its entirety. This system to the online shop software development offers a simple catalog and Goods administration. Also, the products can be offered also on other platforms, for example eBay and Amazon, for sale. Displaying offerings is possible, which sales can be lifted. Furthermore, also download products, such as books or music, can be offered about PrestShop at corresponding online shop programming. Product as a complete solution for online shop programming another software, which can be used for online shop programming is xt: commerce.

    Also the program allows you to manage several stores and is extensible with Add-ons. In this way, you can build up among other payment options such as PayPal online shop programming. Product offers a complete solution for the online shop programming. It was first invented as pure shop software, which was connected with eBay. This product is ideal for the online shop programming by Multichannelanbietern, as a in addition to the technical infrastructure for the shop, including payment processing, Merchandise management system, returns management, and inventory management are already integrated. To do this it offers interfaces to facebook mobile commerce and other sales platforms payment providers such as Paypal.Gute online shop programming as ElementEgal, make any decisions for which system to the online shop programming you are enthusiastic about, head over. Check exactly what software fits your intentions. Matthias Uhlig

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    What actually makes a good Web design? Good Web design is decisive for the success of a website. But what is really good Web design and how to achieve it? Good Web design is a combination of many factors. The range is diverse: from the right focus on the optimal typography to the appealing color scheme. And all these things there are to consider a lot. One of the most important elements of good Web design is certainly the “Love at first sight” – factor. As if like a Web site, and on the ‘first look’, then the user considered the Web page through very different eyes. And error in another area not quite so heavy weigh. Research has shown more go through stylistically appealing websites allow visitors.

    Here is applied more time to find the correct menu item. There, it will be forgiven more if an alleged link is not one. The typography is also an important point. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ali Partovi. After all, it is the main task of a Web page to convey information. And this is usually done by font. It is therefore important, that the typeface is not only appealing looks, but can be read well.

    This includes the type of the font, the font size and the font color. Details can give the finishing touch to the Web page. Because the first hurdle is overcome once and the visitors decided to stay a little longer on the website, so details can greatly improve the overall picture. In this context, not only arrows and icons play a role, but also light and shadow, and textures. For example, it makes sense to lighten the color to the logo around. So the logo is highlighted and stands out. In addition, you can provide buttons and surfaces with light textures. These are often more subtle way and enhance the graphical impression, put the Web page on a level of those. And your visitors with longer periods of stay and more frequent visits will thank you. Article create by Klaus Rottling.