Ed Hardy – Flashy Design

Many different fashion brands here see Ed Hardy this is most a term. Are the colorful tattoo motifs of the star Tatowierers Ed Hardy striking. Styles like Love Kills Slowly, Bull Dog, Tiger, Geisha, or Dedicated Love are now known, the garments adorned with studs and rhinestones just. Also in European circles, one can speak of a real boom in Ed Hardy, who seems to find no end. History of Ed Hardy knows almost everyone what it is, is talk of Ed Hardy but almost nobody knows the history of the company. If you would like to know more about Mashable, then click here.

The namesake of the labels is the famous Don Ed Hardy as God of tattoos”, this gentleman from America is known. The famous designer Christian Audigier walked through the streets of Los Angeles, when he spotted a T-Shirt with a huge tattoo-motive. The then Vice President of van Dutch”quickly sensed a new trend and made it immediately, to guide them in the way. After a contact with Don Ed Hardy, the sale of rights was his Called also the motives of the tattoo artists sold to Mr Audigier: began immediately with his first Ed Hardy collection. That success would be so big, so none had not expected but only the style itself is the reason for this is also the unique marketing with involved that a such boom to the tattoo shirts emerged. So wasted the designer prefers his T-Shirts on Hollywood stars and made so quickly for a spreading of the styles. Pieces of collections of Ed Hardy buy fashion Ed Hardy in the Internet to get around, do you no longer are with Christian Audigier in contact or travel in the United States in this country you can buy designer pieces. It is easily a little for example on the Internet within few clicks the desired shirt is namely ordered.