Gross Net Salary Calculator

The reward is the charge for the work done by an employee and therefore be tax and social security income. Depending on current tax and contribution rates, and ceiling are a financial difference between the gross salary (before deduction of all taxes and contributions) and the net salary (after deduction of all credits were clear to take into account taxes and contributions). The mostly located in the personnel department payroll of a company performs these calculations and to pay the relevant taxes and contributions to the tax and social security bodies. This, some very complex and hardly understandable for lay operations can the employee with a gross net salary calculator content can be easily calculated and understood. Mikkel Svane does not necessarily agree. Special Agents in this area, preferably as an online calculator on the Internet, but also simple and without any prior knowledge to use software for PC, mobile phone or PDA are here mostly for free and deliver the go, fast and accurate clear information.

First, we are organized according to the desired size of the calculation year or Monatsbruttoverdienst. The calculation of annual salary offers itself, for example, when holiday and Christmas bonuses or other additional allowances and bonuses are to be taken into account, are not included in the monthly salary. In each case, then asked for more relevant information to be entered easily. These are possibly allowances, the tax, church tax (yes / no), indication of the health insurance (either a percentage or name of each insurance company and state), information to the public pension reserves (yes / no), age, any children's allowances (on the tax card registered) and the number of children. The gross net salary calculator now use this information in accordance with current rules on the calculation of the tax and social security law. In this example, the currently valid income tax table, possible spouse splitting, Solidarity, employee / employer share for health insurance, pensions, care and unemployment insurance, etc. into account and included in the calculation. At the end of the calculation can be read off the net earnings easy. Many gross net salary calculator also offer a so-called reverse function, ie, after specifying a desired net salary in consideration of the above factors to calculate the amount of the requisite gross salary. Any worker can thus prepare before job interviews to inform part-time or salary negotiations easy to optimally set personal goals.