PsychoChief Strategies

I am the head – you're a fool, you're head – I'm a fool. So goes an old proverb old era bureaucratic control. Ali Partovi: the source for more info. And, apparently, for a change of a whole generation has to change the approach to management, because not every head manager. But the old settings and meta-skills are far from the classics of management. Mr. Simon was given the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the theorem about the diversity of nature, which is this – the complexity of managing system must be at least equal to, or better more controlled system. That is, the brains of our rulers should be at least a little better, that is to have greater complexity, organization, than the complexity of the controlled system.

The task manager includes: planning, organizing, team building and decision making. Operational management – delegation of authority, coordination and control. Answers the question what to do. Leadership management responds to the question how to do it. How to influence people.

In the words of Professor Transfiguration – begins in the minds of devastation. Growth can be monitored by the manager of the trend of making inefficient to an effective standstill. How does skill development, including in business? Once the habit was formed, there is stagnation phase of skill. Man is programmed to optimize the cost of action for achieving result. The desire to conserve resources sewn in the subcortex. The entire history of humanity struggling to survive in low-resource settings. It is only since the 19th century, thanks to capitalism began to emerge over-production. The same imperative (optimization of) the person carries on all aspects of life, formed a habit or a dynamic stereotype. That is – an action that is performed unconsciously and not passed through a logic block. This raises the question – at some point this useful? If the person before taking important decisions to 05.06 throughout life, but now in the information boom, are "crucial" decisions a person has to take every day.