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    October 30th, 2013EsterUncategorized

    insurance have wondered because life is so? and many answers going to his head, but just have to know how to live to the rhythm of life, although it is a bit difficult that each day has its worst moment, but we will never live at the Ritmo of the vida without having met Christ. When I say live to the rhythm of life is not living that life gives you if do not know how to deal with them is like having every padlock keys if a problem occurs you have the solution. Thats live to the rhythm of life!. When you have a problem you face it and solve it, and if you say – this problem has no solution – it is not true, it is as if a padlock had not your key, if it is true sometimes we don’t know solution put a problem, but with the help of Christ all is possible, by that perhaps does God put you limit to the faith?. The Bible says that if we had faith as a grain of mostasa a mountain cannot be moved. So if we have faith to believe that a problem can be solved it so it will be! and when you do that you will understand who is to live to the rhythm of life and will live with a life full and safe, there are many kinds of life but this is the best, better than life with fame, better than life with money, better than life with power, better than all that here there is peace.Do if you want to live to the rhythm of the life you have to know Christ by that Christ loves you, who else it can do the to win your love? does have to die again for your malda?, if your looking for from the, you waited with open arms and there you will live to the rhythm of life. I hope that this article you reaches the heart, because I did it with that intention. Original author and source of the article.