Ukrainian Borsch Meat

Initially under the soup to understand in our time the so-called soup, but gradually there began to add more cabbage and beets because of what it was for these two ingredients in the first plate was fixed notion of soup. It was prepared everywhere in different ways, in principle, as now. It all depended on what was on the farm. In families where there was not much wealth, it was prepared solely from vegetables, while wealthy families do it with meat and other ingredients that have made even more variety to his taste and satiety. Gradually, it spread more and more cooking options and became a huge set. As a result it became use more than 1 or even 2 times a day. Maybe it was after that came the well-known expression 'too far' – that means losing the measure.

For this recipe we will need: beef – 300 g (flesh) cabbage – 150 g sugar beet – 150 g carrots – 50 g potatoes – 200 g potatoes 200 g garlic – 3 cloves of half onion, bacon – 20 g flour – 1 tablespoon tomato paste – '10 dill, and parsley root, bay leaf, sour cream, vinegar, vegetable oil. Recipe for making our vksneyshego borscht: 1. Throw the meat in a pan with water and postavte gas. The meat should cook in a saucepan until almost cooked. 2. Remove meat, slice it into large pieces and put back into the boiling broth with sliced Cabbage and potatoes (diced). 3. Season with salt and continue cooking over low heat.

4. What follows is put out in broth with vegetable oil and vinegar, sliced julienne beets. 5. Saute in a frying pan with cast aluminum non-stick coating with flour and tomato paste and onion roots and add it all together with beet borscht in (15 minutes after laying cabbage). 6. Cut the fat, grind it with garlic and herbs, along with add soup for 5 minutes. to readiness. 7. Ladle soup on plates, season with a spoon sour cream. Sprinkle with chopped herbs. Sit down and naslozhdatsya. Bon Appetit!