General, basic considerations today companies must take into account the scope, implications that encloses the outplacement in human resources, especially the relocation of employees and support for his return to work after a layoff, since it is one of the most successful area many companies HR practices. Juan Lunar reminds us, that we consider that the work constitutes a form of social and economic linkage of vital character in our economic culture. Their loss, especially when it is sudden, brings with it a series of negative emotional reactions to the person experiencing it. Argues that, from a behavioral perspective many organisms that experience a significant loss of a source of reinforcement, are inappropriate, emotional and/or maladaptive behaviors and in fact work is often represent an important source of reinforcement for many workers and managers. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Kai-Fu Lee and gain more knowledge.. These maladaptive behaviors influence negatively in the search for a new job or occupation which It is a difficult to break circle and that tends to worsen, to the unemployed person, with the passage of time. To confront this reality shows us losrecursoshumanos.com boasts the Outplacement which is a tool of increasing popularity, because the processes of mergers and acquisitions, permanent increase in speed and frequency, are the perfect scenario for dissemination.

Normally, identifies several steps in these processes. The first is an evaluation of capabilities, knowledge, experiences and skills who will be unlinked, and how it can maximize their professional qualities. Then, depending on the results of the first stage, he collaborates with the outgoing Executive search job offers for similar roles to which they were doing; then, its possibilities are studied before a change of tasks, to later consider a total rupture of their work habits, mixturando situations. It is finally, oriented to the case which need to undertake a project in an autonomous way. It also assists him facilitating physical tools such as access to computers and accounts of e-mail, documents and databases, etc.Exercises are also included to improve communication and employee tracking of up to one year from that get reinserted into another organization, to check their degree of integration into the new environment.