Social Rebellion

It comes to the great religious war or the social uprising – renewable cash I think just like many others, that something will happen, what changed the world. It has already started and is in the beginning. The political objectives are also the way completely open, how it is run. For example, In North Africa and Arabia we have various revolutions, what would have been unthinkable even a year – ago, where young people for more life and prosperity in their families fight for killed and die for, where in the same moment in Afghanistan exactly the opposite happens and while organised by us in the West. A despot who may torture the people and exploited, will be rebuilt as previously in Egypt. Civilians are killed daily as it is today in Syria. Everything is far from law and justice, morality and ethics.

The war in Afghanistan was over night to the paradox. Here we have an example that can be so easy to not cover like in the moment. At the latest when the young revolutionaries notice that them the Revolution is stolen and was, are you right back there, where they were at the beginning. It comes now to the major decision and what political, it is a question of completely? It comes to the great religious war or major social uprising. An example is the social uprising in Israel. Will destroy humanity itself or that destroy the people what has centuries forced them and deprive them of life? One thing is certain, it must be made as soon as possible a solution, as it is and they want to make us believe it to save nothing more and nothing and all is only a short-term question of survival for the entire humanity.

I even assume that the people who bear responsibility at the moment, so the neo-Liberals, and his him can have well-meaning administrations and governing – don’t have a clue and also do not understand and are going to them. Listening to them, then there are no problems. I suspect a great revolution that will capture the entire world and unabated sweep away everything what there is in the way. The Revolution can not be satisfied with the existing system so more prosperity for the little guy. The opposite will occur, what now, probably will be to the great revolution, so – the blood has been shed not for nothing or the revolution will suffer what not to expect. You will not go stall euro saving, that is so not and will not be so and everything that is in context – should only feel a much larger problem, to prevent the world revolution. May assist us God. Greetings Wolfgang the alternative: Seite%20Download.html