EYCROMON Provides Videos

Augsburg band can select the fans which is the best video? The young Augsburg Band EYCROMON who record their debut album at the famous Abbey Road Studios can be no slouch in terms of videos. To know more about this subject visit Peter Asaro . Each video the band has so far produced in-house, is a small work of art and matched 100 percent to the song. Others who may share this opinion include Pete Cashmore. The Viewer is taken to a whole new world and recognising the video and song are grown together a unit. So an incredible spell assumes also the videos of the unusual band. It is intriguing to listen to the songs and to see the almost-magic videos.

“It is as if one walks through a door and one is in a totally different universe,” many fans say the EYCROMON know and love. At concerts of the band can often be seen visitors in front of the stage that are completely captivated by the music and the outstanding vocals of the lead singer of mandra. Sometimes, yes sometimes there are even tears, not because you’re sad but before emotion and enthusiasm. Now fans can her EYCROMON favorite video up to 30.01.2011 choose. In the own youtube channel at: eycromania lists all videos. Under: polls /…

Select the best video with one click. Another option directly through its own network of the band see: the band is very happy about the feedback of from fans and hopes to many voices.