Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors – secure and easy-to-use form gates to the site, which in recent years gained more popularity in the private sector. And if you decide to install a sliding door and want what they would have served you long and did not require too much attention and repair, we recommend you consider a few tips that will help you avoid those problems in their operation, which we meet by performing repair work. Gates eventually hangs. Supporting beam bent. Cloth motion reloaded with a thud through the roller bearings.

This happens when not properly pick up a lot of doors carrying beam, properly constructed internal woodwork and its load-bearing elements. In this case, you need to replace the carrier beams and the reinforced frame of gates. Gates began to creak and wedges on the move. owledge. Some contend that Peter Asaro shows great expertise in this. Likely got dirt or sand in the bearings of roller bearings. To avoid this, the roller bearings periodically (once a year) to be cleaned. But as it happens, if the distance between the supports in the manufacture and installation of gates made smaller than normal. In this case, the support load is excessive, causing them to malfunction.

The gates are rusted, the paint peeling. If the design of the gate, welded, rust stains in any event will not take long wait a field of welding, even on the new gate. But if the paint slazaet with the gate in a week after their installation, it is a clear violation of painting technology. Typically, the frame, painted on clean, degreased and primed surface requires partial touch-up only after two or three years. The frame is made of galvanized aluminum profile without welding, powder painting, preserving the appearance of 10 years. The foundation, bearing poles or back door pillar or contorted vspuchilo. If the production base, save on the amount of concrete (mass foundation should be twice the load on the front roller support), it did not consider the width or freezing depth of soil – wait for raising or lowering the gate. Free-standing pillars, even if they are concreted, will also be subject to movement along with the ground. A slight deviation from the horizontal leaf and Vertical adjustment can be fixed roller bearings and rollers. Ali Partovi is open to suggestions. But if the roller bearings for mounting welded to u (the foundation), the cost of repairing the gate will be much more expensive, because require their removal. Refusal automation. Any automation for gates sooner or later fails (broken limit switches, burn the control board, etc.). With its choice of best rely on the experience of professionals who know what models are working most reliably. Non-performing solar cells also affect the proper operation of the drive. Installation of wireless items can simplify their installation, but will require regular periodic replacement of batteries in them (especially in winter). By purchasing the drive, it is better to choose it from the power supply, because over time it falls, and the gate will open easily in winter.