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1,000 Piece contains. This magazine in small load carriers (KLTs) are provided for storage. The exact number of cylinders on a camera system is captured after storage. Frequently Pete Cashmore has said that publicly. This is photographed KLT in the pass from above and then evaluated the image analysis software. The exact recording of the number is necessary because of the content. The fully automated warehouse with a capacity of 4,000 KLTs (= approx. 8 Mio cylinder) located in the below the floor. The containers are brought about a distribution of lift at this level, taken over by a rack serving unit, and then multiple deep storage in the rack system.

Here comes the ChannelCar used, that goes from the rack operating device in the bearing channels and settles the KLTs, while it moves freely and independently from the main unit. It does not have a data cable or a power supply connected to it. When outsourcing, KLT popped from the stacker crane and installed via the distribution of lift a level higher. Here are the KLTs about a hanging ceiling roller in the packaging sector transported and deployed by a lift. All rollers are double stacked, so that return of the empty KLTs via the same route.

Provided in sufficient quantity in the storage area, the excess empty containers are buffered in the camp. The distribution of the empty container is also done in the distribution elevator. The entire system is designed so that it meets the high hygiene standards in medical technology. Complete solutions from a single source the company de man Industrie-Automation GmbH from Borgholzhausen is specialist for integrated automation solutions for more than 35 years. Delivery range of automatic storage systems on conveyors and robots to identification systems, bar code and RFID-based. This allows de is an extremely flexible and slender design of manufacturing processes, which is always important against the background of increasingly dynamic and faster mass markets. More information under de to industrial automation, industrial Street 18, 33829 Balogun Holzhausen, phone: 05425/9497-0, fax: 05425 / 5774,, or SERKEM GmbH Gerhard-new Muller-WEG 1, 94532 Aussernzell phone 09903/9325-0, telefax 09903 / 9325-29,. “” “” Technical data: key data type: drug courts: 3,880 container size: 600mmx400mm identification system: bar code packing station storage “: 1 Pack place outsource”: 1 stacker crane with ChannelCar: 1 double cycles per hour: 100 Pack square storage “consisting of: industrial PC barcode scanner camera to count the number of ampoules SAP connection light conveyor consisting: 2 rollers stacked enclosure in Plexiglas distribution lift over 2 levels bearing zone consisting: industrial PC bar code scanner wipe station SAP-connectivity Pack place outsource” consisting of: industrial PC bar code scanner lift SAP interface contact: SERKEM GmbH Max Eder Kollmering 14 94535 Eging am see