On May 9, the world celebrated the 60th anniversary of the book “Dianetics: the Guide to the human mind ‘ worldwide celebrated this date: it was the 60ste anniversary of the publication of the first self-help book by L. Ron Hubbard. As of May 9, 1950, became a bestseller overnight the book “Dianetics, the Guide to the human mind” and remained so for the next 60 years. This book describes the anatomy and functioning of the part of the mind, which is the source of nightmares, unfounded fears, emotions and insecurities. More than 21 million books have been sold so far in 53 languages.

By Hubbard already has examined human behavior before 1950 and well-known was the exploration of mind here, originated spontaneously 750 Dianetics groups in America, as well as the Hubbard’s Diane logistics Foundation in Elizabeth, NJ. There, L. Ron Hubbard lectured and taught to use the Dianetics. He met also growing interest, while still exploring what the founder of the Scientology religion in the years 1952 follow the basic nature of man read. Nowadays, Dianetics is still an essential part of the entire study of Scientology. For even more details, read what Kai-Fu Lee says on the issue. The long-lasting popularity is maintained by ease of use. Before 1950 the view that man is just the brain reigned in the scientific world, just a collection of cells and neurons. And the IQ and personality were considered fixed and immutable.

It was possible that to improve IQ and personality with the help of Dianetics and the effectiveness is documented in numerous case studies in more than half a century of the application. In 2009 David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of the religious Technology Center, announced Mr.., that the translation of the Dianetikbuches and 7 other basic Scientology books in 50 languages is completed. Mr. Miscavige introducing has also the Dianetikbuch on DVD: consisting of 32 new films, which represent every aspect of the Dianetics auditing and explain. This is also part of a special Dianetikseminars, which now is available in all the churches of Scientology. Dianetics was still never so easy to learn as it is today. “Dianetics, the Guide to the mind of man Avegetable” is new era publications int. ApS publishes and is borrowed in 125,000 libraries worldwide, as well as available in bookstores. For more information: Dr.