Civic Architectural Design

Civic, the new series in live tiles and Gres porcelain, represents the latest trends from the most innovative design for their appearance and texture similar to cement. It occurs in format XXL, 60 x 120 cm rectified semipulido, as essential element of architectural design. Since ancient times has been used cement as building material. Durable and stable has proved perfect for architectural design. Today we find in many spaces, not only limited to be a mere constructive element, its multiple possibilities are that it can be used both in pavement as lining of countless projects. With these premises live tiles and stoneware, you have created the Civic series format of 60 x 120 cm, rectified and semi-polished. Civic is presented in graphite, anthracite and marengo, which demonstrate a selecta combination of color, texture and finish, focused on the latest design trends, highlighting the unique potential of this collection.

Is the texture that has been fitted with especially significant to This series that determines the visual and tactile appearance of cement. In this way the potential for varied architectural possibilities is exposed such as ventilated facades and interior design. In addition to the quality of the porcelain of live Azueljos and stoneware products. Original author and source of the article