Hollywood Strip

New 2.1 speaker system combines noble appearance of friends of music, film with high-quality reproduction of Dusseldorf, 29.11.2010 and video games often much invest in your hobby and save on the speakers. What a shame, then, when the sound of latest blockbuster or the new audio CD are represented only by tinny sounding ROAR dice. With its new 2.1 audio system XPS 101 multimedia audio specialist of Hercules from November 2010 offers a new pair of speakers, which is characterized by excellent sound quality. Come with the Hercules XPS 101 all acoustic dimensions of a concert, the captivating soundtrack of a Hollywood Strip and the explosive atmosphere of a video game to the validity. The high end audio system combines acoustic excellence, visual appeal and high-quality materials to a product that stands out from the standard.

Precise design for cultured sound brings together the latest technology with high-quality audio components and materials the Hercules XPS 101. His subwoofer is home to three separate drivers: A Active six-inch (15 cm) main driver and two equally large passive membranes. The closed design combines the fast response of compact driver with deep bass, which are rendered again otherwise usually only large elements. Thus, the Hercules XPS 101 with its compact wooden cabinet offers an unusually tight bass response. The two satellite speakers of the Hercules XPS 101 set on high-performance wide band driver.

They provide rich, clear sound and reproduce highs and MIDs with perfect precision. This is supported by its round design that offers plenty of space for the unfolding of the sound. The result: a very well balanced, delicate sound experience at 101 Watts output power (RMS). Great sound and understatement in Design In the Hercules XPS 101 merges the modern design of the new speaker set with its balanced sound image to a beguiling unit. While the rounded, held in the classical black satellites shine through their painted surfaces and the elegant metal finish on the back.