In Search Of A New Life

IN SEARCH OF a NEW LIFE I Was one day taking a walk for the square, when suddenly an car comes in my direction and in one high speed and it beats to me. My situation was total serious, passed two months in the hospital. Until one day I led high of the doctor, I was for house all limping, broken and plastered. I did not have I work and also he could not work, I was one year being supported by my sister who if calls Marly, took care of that me it treated and me very well. I am Ademir, I am not one face of much luck and as always the things alone got worse, in day seven of March of two a thousand and fourteen, my sister were fired to the work, I already was almost good and I decide to make a treatment. It spoke that she did not give to be keeping more me and said that she went even so, for a very distant city and she would not come back more. I was arrasado and I spoke that it would not obtain to live alone asked for that I was with the house and of this my skill.

In the following day, I woke up, took coffee and felt some thing of stranger, more wise person what she was my sister was not in house. One left written ticket that feels very in left having me and did not want to make this and in low of the ticket another envelope with two a thousand Reals left. I was in house crying and days later I rented my room. A couple was looking to a kit net, to live and as my room was great rented for five hundred Reals. It was sleeping in the room, a mattress. All month received my money from the rent, was well of situation, until I appeared a chance to go to work in an electronic store, the wage was of a thousand and five hundred Reals.