Jode Communications

The offered free Internet-Shop-Generator Company Jode + Partners is now available in version 6.5, which supports the currencies of Austria and Switzerland. The online system can no programming knowledge on a store-client that runs under Windows and MacOS, and can be individually configured without limitation the article number or other restrictions on free use. The new version supports 5.6 other than the euro and the currencies while DM, Austrian schillings and Swiss francs. For Switzerland, it is possible to manually set the exchange rate of the euro. raised repeatedly by customers and partners on how difficult and annoying can make the integration of the many offered Shop-Software Products to a CMS to Jode Communications has the solution at this problem. The developers went the shortest way to the goal: Instead of looking for ways and means, such as external stores would be best to integrate, they used the power and summarily Flexibility of Java technology and built his own shop, true to the motto: Strong, flexible, attractively priced and easy to use, it should be. The result is the CSHOP shop.

It offers all the essential functions of a shop and allows the CMS user to leave the familiar and easy to use interface to not have to – on the contrary: Shop items will then be created and maintained, where the content pages are created. In the shopping system is fully integrated and seamlessly into the program logic. In addition to the previous version of the integrated shipping and billing methods by credit card, debit account, and now also the possibility of the payment is added in advance. There are up to 300 categories of items can be applied. The item information can be imported from existing databases. The JavScript-based store offers a shopping cart and search function also order by invoice, cash, debit or credit card and is available indefinitely. As before, the item stock is maintained offline with the software. Which then produced Java Script Web pages are then copied to the server.