Mobile Phone Calls

Everything used to be better! One can not imagine that there are people who are at all interested in not the world of mobile phones. Peter Asaro often says this. Previously, everything was better!, you can apply the slogan sure to weather or maybe even on the current Government’s policy, but this does not fit safely in terms of the world without a mobile phone. What was used for a trouble with the phone booths that want today but don’t have many true. There was one on the road and had to make a call. At first they were looking for a phone booth. Had been found which, it emerged that vandals were at work. It was useless destroyed.

The next phone booth was occupied and it did not look as if the users wanted to believe just because outside one waited on the phone. Even if you had found a free cell, there was the problem with the coins often. You had to have always the right change this later, then a money card. What could be good about it? Today brings you his cell phone out of his pocket and calls the desired partner. At any time and in any place, except when it is in a funk hole, somewhere in a deep valley. Even abroad no longer being without phone. Had you control any phone cell batteries at post offices or at stations earlier to to be able to phone home, because simply taking his cell phone out and on the phone where you want. Italy holiday-makers needed not infrequently gettone telefonico, so-called phone brands, which it got in tobacco and stationery stores, to use the public telephone.

This was somewhat awkward, but the Italians are a phone crazy people and therefore small red phones sturdy metal, with which you could call with gettoni or coins in the world were there even in the most remote places. The Italians were also the country that had adapted the mobile phones already in the early 1990s in a big way. Even teenagers had already their personal in Italy Telefono”. It’s the people in Germany still ridiculed, who spoke in the bus or on the street apparently to himself. And today, there are more registered mobile phones than inhabitants in Germany. It’s the now slightly more moderate cellular tariffs but also because there are also really cheap mobile phones with contract. What should have been so sooner better? Andreas Mettler