Personal Branding

This allows the worker continue somehow active, and keep the best way (or even increase) their employability, allowing you to orient or reorient his career (even to mount his own company, providing technical and psychological support and reducing practice time to find another job.) The technique is also beneficial for the company that applies, since it reduces possible conflicts of those who remain, improves its internal and external image, and facilitates the amicable agreement between the parties (with which can be even profitable; the cost of their implementation, the hiring of an outside consultant,) (and so on, could be lower than the savings achieved by reaching the agreement in an amicable way). If the dismissal is part of a restructuring of the company, it also facilitates the same, since both own fired employee and his companions will collaborate better in this process of restructuring. To read more click here: Oculus Quest 2. The actual outplacement account with the help of a consultant or advisor to, which helps the worker a: – establish your matrix SWOT (weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities). -Analyse the possible target markets (which companies, which professional project has). -Elaborate the search strategy (responses to ads in newspapers, internet, spontaneous applications, selection consultancies, head-hunters). -Prepare the necessary tools, including resumes, cover letters, preparation for personal interviews, references to the prospective employer. -Plan the candidate job search activities and keep track of them. – Choose between different proposals you may have at the same time.

-Negotiated his new contract. -And so on. These outplacement activities can and should be carried out, in any case, by anyone who wants to find work, would be what Luis Puchol qualifies as auto-outplacement, which would become a technique similar to that described above, but made to oneself. I.e., that any person seeking employment should conduct a SWOT analysis of itself, a study in which companies could work and what is your professional project, define your search strategy, prepare the necessary tools, and schedule and keep track of planned activities, so that own job search is a job in itself. This is also related to the technique known as Personal Branding or personal brand. Original author and source of the article.