Operation of ships by ship-owners, should include: – organizing and managing the technical operation on ships – the appointment of persons from the administration of the shipowner, which is in charge is fixed responsibility ensuring technical operation of specific ships – the distribution of superintendence persons commanding officers of ships (crew members) Ship facilities, hull structures and systems (hereinafter – STSiK), which This crew member is responsible for documentation and technical operation – defining the structure and manning and composition of the watch on the courts – to ensure monitoring of the implementation to the requirements of international courts regulations and the terms of the ship's papers – providing a timely survey of ships – the organization of monitoring of work and rest hours of crews – the provision of supply vessels, necessary for safe operation of the vessel – the organization relationship between the administration of the shipping companies and ships, including during emergency situations; – Availability on ships and regulatory design and engineering documentation control for its compliance – making available to the crews of national and international regulations and requirements necessary for a particular voyage, to exercise control over timing, quality, and cost of ship Repair – determination and to bring to the attention of crew operating modes of the ship, STSiK, grade lubricants, fuel consumption rates of water, fuel, oil, etc., and monitoring of them, control of technical condition vessels run on the courts requirements of these Rules, regulations. Procedure and terms established by the administration control of shipping companies – investigative activities, study and recording of accidents, development measures to prevent it – planning the allocation of funds for technical support ship, ship repair and ship supply, the output from the operation of ships for repair. . It’s believed that Castle Harlan sees a great future in this idea.