Sleep Well With Security: The New NUK Baby

The new NUK baby eco control without reception interference new: NUK baby eco control and NUK baby eco control + certainly sleep well: the new NUK baby editorial quick reference NUK has developed two new monitors. NUK eco control and NUK eco control + provide parents with safe sleep monitor of their babies through the latest and most reliable technology. The new NUK baby is distinguished from conventional devices by a greatly reduced radiation (eco-mode) and a high transmission security without interference by the DECT technology. Zeven, April 2010. When everything sleeps, it is reassuring to know that one wakes up. NUK provides parents with two new baby now at night feeling good, to do what’s best for baby safety. For NUK uses proven and reliable at any time technology for monitoring babies and young children sleep. The eco mode, a feature that is new in the NUK baby the the transmitter in the children’s room absolutely reliably whenever just in the Transfer mode is, if it is really necessary.

The baby sleeps is the transmitter, there is no send radiation. Parents individually determine at which noise volume to log the NUK baby monitor alarm. The eco mode prevents a continuous electromagnetic radiation in babies sleeping environment. The radiation level in an active eco-fashion is greatly reduced compared to conventional baby monitors. Babies sleep safely in low-radiation environment. An important standard for the best possible sleep monitoring of children is the DECT technology. This digital transmission transmitted sounds absolutely trouble-free and extremely reliable.

Very pleasant: the new NUK baby received no signals from other transmitters. Room noises from neighboring apartments or listening to the good night stories in the House next door now belong to the past. Why awkward when it comes too easy? Parents trust easy to use technology. In addition to the DECT technology (transmission security) and the eco-mode system (radiation reduced) the NUK baby eco control and the NUK baby eco control + are extremely energy-efficient, because they only go when eco mode is enabled in transmitting, if noises are transferred.