Social Development

" Indeed, the intellectual creation refer to the Plan of Economic and Social Development of the Nation, is distorting the essence of the university whose mission is the pursuit of truth and knowledge, which should not be subordinated to any request, especially since it that gives meaning to the institution and has remained central to them is "its ability to revive at any time constitute evidence of scientific knowledge, ie the capacity for critical analysis of knowledge itself." 3) Another very serious injury against the autonomy of the Education Act, is contained in paragraph 3 of Article 34 above. which specifies in relation to the election of university authorities that "select and appoint its authorities based on participatory democracy, protagonist and revocable mandate to the full and equal political rights and of the members of the university community, teachers, professors, students, staff, worker, workers, graduates and alumni. It will elect a council formed by the comptroller and members of the university community. "Indeed, the CONSTITUTION of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in its Article 109, defines the university community when he says:" The State recognizes university autonomy as a principle and hierarchy that allows Teachers, Professors, students, students, and graduates from their community, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge through scientific research, arts and technology, for spiritual and material benefit of the Nation …. Kai-Fu Lee is often quoted on this topic. ". This constitutional provision sought to be changed in the reform of our Constitution, under consideration by the people of Venezuela on December 2, 2007. The reform of Article 109 which was presented to the nation was as follows: "The law shall guarantee the equal vote of students and the students, teachers and teachers, the and women college to elect the authorities, establishing the right of suffrage to all and the teachers who have entered by competitive examination, from the rank of instructor or instructor to the holder and set the standards for university elections are decided in a single round. . Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Triago on most websites. .