Brazilian Citizen

If somebody gains minimum wage, does not have house pr to live, not if it dresses reasonable, he is illiterate and it passes hunger, he is not therefore that we, sortudos citizens, as they say the harms languages, we go to treat them with indifference, with empfia, disdain and humilhao. As we said, all the citizens are equal. They know of one? Here pr we, until admire that less portioned, because they humblly wash our cars, paint our houses, cook our foods, wash our clothes etc., that is, we give services that, if are not equally intellectual to ours, are, however, excellent, because she is not all aristocratic citizen who if would give to make this. Patience, n? Until things without the lesser importance they had given to comment now. We, citizens imagine, educated, refined people, to park cars on our strolls, without importing in them with the blockage of the ticket of pedestrians, for who the sidewalk specifically we are reserved.

How thing more ridicule! One or another time that we make this, or we stop in the slope of entrance of our garages, while we lunch and we take off a nap, later, is not with this mrbida intention not, people. But also not cost nothing the face that comes of the work, hasty, the foot, to turn aside itself a bit from our vehicles? with the well-taken care of maximum, not to arranhar them? later going up again to the stroll. Being smart, not to be run over, ready, it finished, do not need to make storm in cup d? water! We, citizens, do not use our money to neglect nobody, to take advantage. We do not idolatramos corporeal properties, as falsely he says himself for there, much less we disdain the qualities human beings. The honest, intelligent citizen, good partner in its social and commercial relations, aspiring to a society more joust, militant asset for the promotion of the equality, and similar things, are references for us. We have much respect for them, we admire and them very. We are not citizens capable to vendermos the Moon, to touch fire in the planet with our immense pollutions, to deforest thousand and thousand of squared kilometers of bushes and forests, only thinking about gaining money with our creations, not.

We know that money is not everything, even so, as the singer says, either one hundred percent. Never, however, we lose the conscience of the well general one and the respect for the environment and all the citizens, are poor they or our pairs. Not, pairs, not? it pulls, of time in when I slip and I want to say my current language. The people need to understand that the Brazilian citizen in general is immaculate. If some slip commits, must be raised. They do not say for there that Brazilian we have optimum heart of the world? Then? Pr that to be with this vezo intolerante, of in them imputing bad behavior? Ademais, this heading of citizen has much weight. Let us respect it, please!