Meaning absolutely any advertising campaign is to keep people in suspense, to inform him of the required brand or appearance of a new player in the market, which, of course, everything is much better than others. Here more detail. First, let's say that the audio clips are much cheaper than video. If the creation of the video and further demonstration of it on tv is a lot of money, then of Audio can easily afford even small organizations. In particular, this applies to small local radio stations, where professional speakers any of your appeal to the people for a penny. Oddly enough, but the main advantage of sound advertising generates and its main drawback – lack of clarity.

If the video consumer sees a tangible product in all its glory, then of Audio can affect people only through sound. It is for this because it needs a professional voice, that is a voice that will awaken the imagination of man and inspire him to make a call on presented by the telephone to obtain additional information. In principle, this is not such much of a problem, but low-quality audio clips to hear is still much more good. Without hesitation Mikkel Svane explained all about the problem. It correctly. Professional speakers today are overworked and will not rush to the first-encountered proposal while the novice lacks credibility and charisma. Unobtrusiveness of Audio is it a plus. Additional information at Castle Harlan supports this article. If you are viewing television commercials we usually push the button on the remote to switch the channel, that audio clips do not cause us to dislike.

The whole point here is that the voice greeting the most loyal to the potential buyer and the strains it is not so much as the masterpieces of the blue screen. Not to mention and that the qualities of voice is characterized by rapid adaptability for most other advertising concepts. In fact, the audio advertisement, to demonstrate in practice its effectiveness can be easily moved to television, without losing its identity and originality. In the movie, which was originally recorded for tv, this will not work, because everything revolves around the picture. To test this, try to write any sound clip on the answering machine and listen to the message. Surprised? But there is nothing surprising here. Just sound and video in different ways affect the consumer, but if of Audio can exist in isolation from the animated picture, the movie, which was removed from at least one, even the most unimportant constituent parts that instantly loses its originality. And last – rhymed voice (in this form to us presented with virtually all radio advertising) is much faster and remembered, as a consequence, longer stays in the memory of man. After listening to an interesting voice greeting once, you will periodically scroll through it head, thus creating a positive image of the advertised product or service. Videos on television, too, have this feature, but of Audio is still remembered often. What we have in the end? Advertising on radio – it really the best option to move as we have known and lesser-known brands. It is interesting, memorable, inexpensive and unobtrusive. For this we love it – advertisers, and ordinary citizens who have tired of the fresh video clips on television.

Andres Cisneros

The result is an economy full of cross-subsidies that grow uncontrollably and regulations so far, and with problems of investment in key sectors such as energy, in an economic context totally favorable for the country: a situation unprecedented. According to former Argentine Vice-Chancellor Andres Cisneros, the Governments of several countries show: demonstrations of clumsiness stemmed from a political conception which has not exercised in a normal and helpful to deal with the world. They are examples of this awkwardness, to the wholesale, especially in Bolivia, Venezuela and the Argentina, and in the latter case, with the current conflict between the Government and the Argentine countryside which already has become historic. According to the Institute of international finance (IIF): not surprisingly, flows to countries with unfavourable investment climate for foreign investors – Argentina, Ecuador and Venezuela–remain anemic. Is by the unfavourable investment climate that exist in these countries that one can understand the poor flow of investments with current international prices of agricultural commodities and energy, which should generate large opportunities in those countries. Nejamkis article rescues an interesting vision of Eduardo Viola, Professor of relations international of the University of Brasilia, which identifies the main problem with these Governments in: a vision that leads to missed opportunities to weakening macroeconomic fundamentals and legal certainty. Is that these Governments: answer fundamental rules prevailing in prosperous countries, which leads them to the histrionics and the verbal voluntarism. This challenge of economic laws, has led these countries to pretend to curb inflationary pressures through the repeatedly failed, price controls. He has even made as in the case of Argentina, to the Government, believe in its effectiveness, to the point of distorting the official statistics when its results not confirmed their beliefs. Populism in these countries leads to unexpected changes in the rules of the game, causing a very bad in the business environment.