Web Design Information

A Web site is a site on the World Wide Web to contine organized documents gerarquicamente. Each document contains text and or graphics that appear as digital information on a computer screen. A site may contain a combination of graphics, text, audio, video, and other dynamic or static materials. Key steps for creating a web page * a good content will depend directly on the theme of the Web. The vast majority of users who visit a Web site do so in search of information.

It gives the same as present such information (text, images, video, audio) but a website should contribute content. It is important to bear in mind that WWW is a means of communication other than that until now they knew (television, radio, press, etc.); the sailor passes page in Web page at rate of mouse click, and generally spends little time on a same page. Therefore you shall not abuse the textual information, since they are very few visitors who are read completely a Web page. It has always been said that a picture is worth more than thousand words, and while a Web page is not a television program, the images are always important. * A great design needn’t be a great designer to create Web pages with a minimum of graphics sensibility.

Sometimes, a simple design is appreciated much more than a flooded Web of gifs in movement. Use a specific typeface, appropriate colours, icons, photos, etc. can convert the experience of visiting a website on something much more pleasant. The structuring of the same is important in the aspect of a Web design. Facilitate navigation through menus, icons, maps and other items can avoid losing more than one visitor within a Web. If you create an excessively large and complex Web is helpful to the visitor the inclusion of maps (diagrams with hypertext links that represent entire Web) not to be missed.