Sustainable Design

To introduce the Foundation HfG Ulm shows IFG-funded projects for responsible design Karlsruhe design fair Ulm, may 25, 2009 (Manjula) this new forum for young, innovative and also sustainable design offers the suitable environment to explain the IFG Ulm-funded projects of in recent years to the experts and the public, the new concept of a way”in the former College to the Ulmer cow mountain, as well as finding appropriate tenants for this Polis of the designs. EUNIQUE’ offers us not only the possibility to call promotion of design and design in their whole theme width and internationality in the consciousness. “Rather it presents the opportunity from our historical importance as the successor to the legendary hfg ulm’ adult legitimacy of a revival of the idea of sustainable, to represent democratic and responsible design on the cow mountain in the future”, explained Dr. Dieter Bosch, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation HfG Ulm School of design. From 2010 to the by Max Bill revived the architectural heritage of this architectural gem of post-war modernism built buildings and be developed further. Details can be found by clicking Peter Asaro or emailing the administrator.

Architecture and building of the former Hochschule fur Gestaltung HfG Ulm call today, after decades of other universitarerer use, almost after lively, innovative and responsible design”, stated Dr. Bosch. With the concept of Designpark HfG Ulm”designers, architects, agencies, artists, photographers, cultural and scientific institutions as tenants meet after a strict selection process in the excellence cluster on the cow mountain the premises with professional, student and cultural life. Your creative together to establish the cow mountain again as a relevant player in the international design scene. The ambience of the EUNIQUE”could not be better, to promote this innovative concept and to present the guiding principles of the Foundation HfG Ulm, to wake up, contacts in the scene designer to maintain, as well as new interest among potential users To initiate contacts and cooperations to agree”, explains Dr. Dieter Bosch. “” Because the EUNIQUE “is part of the EU funded project INFORUM network for design and crafts on the upper Rhine”, the build up a platform for the exchange of colleges, trade and industry in the field of design and in which working groups, meetings, joint publications, reader to networking activities and more are planned. In addition to the Foundation HfG Ulm, the Hochschule fur Gestaltung in Karlsruhe, the ECAL Lausanne, the Academy of fine arts in Munich and the Hochschule fur Gestaltung in Offenbach participate in this project among other renowned institutions such as the Zurich University of the arts, the State Academy of fine arts in Stuttgart, as idealistic supporters and pulse generator.

Marco Mehns Resurrection

Also this year the stainless steel artist Marco Mehn waiting “Residential design” again on the from October 13 to 16 with two exciting firsts: glashutten (Taunus) / Vienna, 5 October 2011. He shows at the Hofburg in addition to other works and the spectacular 4D-Space frames on its stand (Hall/stand 50) for the first time his skull-space frame resurrection, as well as the first picture of the new big five collection: the glowing rhino in oil, an intense play of colours in red and black. For years, Marco Mehn of residential design is”in Vienna faithfully as an exhibitor and as a fan of the beautiful world of living and noble design: as an internationally renowned interior fair is the ‘interior design’ an ideal setting for my art, especially since I’m one of the few artistic exhibitors here as before. In the historic ambience of the Vienna Hofburg my works get a particularly intense effect and correspond with the exclusive home decor of the other Exhibitor.” The visiting Marco Mafre stand is as always a brilliant fireworks display, because in addition to the “” “dazzling 4D-Space frames and his 120-kilogram bronze sculpture El Diabolo” the artist is the Fiery oil painting the glowing rhino this year “as well as his skull-space frame resurrection” flaunting. The glowing Rhino extravagant as ever and ever Marco Mafre latest creation impresses with its expressiveness. The glowing rhino”(1, 50 m x 1, 50 m) is like a wild fantasy that becomes a reality through the arts. The artwork in oil in the Mehn’schen spirit impresses with a striking 3D look and the intense colours. With the flame-like shimmer, the Rhino from 36 layers of paint is a prelude to the new collection of the big five”with colossal motifs from the Animal Kingdom. “Resurrection dramatic Black/Silver contrasts, a provocative subject and over 6,000 sparkling Swarovski crystals-it is Marco Mehns Resurrection” (1, 25m x 1, 65m).

Kathrin Symens

Fanny and Klaus splendor create exhibition at the Orangerie, new garden Potsdam your furniture collages”with qualified sense of the historical element, originality and great attention to detail. Old pieces of furniture such as dressers, headboards of beds, nightstands, closet doors combined with modern buildings, areas and partly coloured recast: always still functional, caused individual objects with a very particular charm. There, in the Middle, a kitchen cabinet is sawed apart, erected the two elements opposed, and reconnected through a new wash-like showcase. So something new arises, without denying the original furniture. As a skilled Carpenter as well as as architect with many years teaching at the University of Hanover, Klaus splendor is the preservation of the historic at heart. “The obtaining of protection architecture connects to preserve old-fashioned come and lived off” pieces of furniture, the they innovate “call. With the invitation to this Exhibition thanked the friends of Prussian palaces and gardens for the long-standing commitment of the Prachts for the restoration of a pavilion in Potsdam-Sanssouci and the frederician hedge Theater at the new Palace, which has documented Klaus splendor with numerous drawings. Thanks but in addition to the Club of also of the Foundation of Prussian palaces and gardens. So were not only from their fixed location in Quedlinburg, the work brought to Potsdam, but also of the Orangerie room equipped with a curtain and landing pads and thus awarded a special, color-matched frame the works on display. “” “” Plant launches August 3, 15:00: it started with a sawn kitchen cabinet “Klaus splendor on the development of a random idea to the exhibition of his collages of furniture” August 24, 15:00: from the unloved heirloom to the design object: Klaus splendor provides the construction of his collages of furniture “before and gives tips for interested Innovierer” Opening hours: Tue Sun 11 am 6 pm, admission free Kathrin Symens