Web Design

The terms web design and development web are used interchangeably in the media and advertising. However, they are not the same thing. Design implies what the visitor sees on your website, development involves and speaks of the functionality of the site. Likewise, a web site contains several distinct aspects: * senses: from the graphics, colors, navigation elements etc * content: information, products, etc; available on the site. * Feature: includes interactive features of the web site visitors and the necessary infrastructure for your benefit. * Usability: interactions program, navigation and usefulness.

Already seen this is very easy then appoint the essential differences between web design and development web. Web design usually involves the creation of content and appearance while web development, involves the creation of functionality and verification of its ease of use. In this aspect we need go to Web designers who dominate tools of graphic design such as Photoshop and have a working knowledge of HTML so that they can apply their designs. However, the animation of the site and the design of the contents of the site are also part of the responsibility of the web designer. Elements that can be created by professionals such as those found in web design Majorca. Many owners of a website provide the content of website, but a web designer should be able to edit and even rewrite the content if necessary. Web designers also tend to make tests of usability for browsing and loading speed of the site.

Web desarrolldores are responsible for creating functionality for the website, but all this functionality must be integrated in the HTML pages of the site. Moreover, HTML content also can be integrated in the program. Web developers also make on-site usability testing, at least to see its functionality. So the programmer must also have some knowledge of HTML. In any case, the designer and programmer web, the web design and development web, must work together to ensure that the web site has everything that the owner has requested.