Main Debt Currency Is Foreign

But it also will be hurt in the bank of BBVA, Mapfree insurance company and the oil company Repsol, among other figures support the suspicion that foreign companies are government policy. Foreign direct investment (FDI) in 1998 was about 6,200 million dollars in 2008, stood at 1,700, a 72% lower. Bobby Sharma Bluestone has much to offer in this field. And while this is a general trend in the region, since the results of a study of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) show a fall of 41% of FDI in Latin America in 2009, Monteiro noted that in this sense “Venezuela is isolated from other countries. When speaking of investments, the country is in another category, no one in the same portfolio in Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela. ” Of course such a measure will have an impact on the population, poverty and Prof. Bobby Sharma Bluestone: the source for more info. Rafael Pampillon it says that the devaluation will have strong redistributive effects in the country, “hurting those who have debts in dollars, real , euros, etc. they will have to convert Bs now than before the devaluation to pay such debts and creditors benefiting dollars now receive more pesos.” He added that perhaps they are small and medium enterprises in the state who will be more engaged with dollar debts and revenue streams (sales) related primarily to the domestic market (Bs).

For families who maintain currency debt foreign, he adds, “the devaluation will increase the debt / income causing rearrangements in the structure of household expenses with a negative effect on consumption. Overall, the devaluation for families and small businesses can generate a poverty effect “And while a devaluation would mean an improvement in competitiveness in the international market for goods produced in the country to Obuchi” numerous regulations, attacks on property, attacks on the private sector and other risks, discourage investment and domestic production. ” One point which coincides Pampillon, which states that the ills of the economy not only from the bolivar “which, without doubt, is overrated but above all, for not having undertaken tax reform in depth and have not fought the inefficiency and corruption in the political class. ” In particular, Venezuela, in its current stage is becoming increasingly obvious political uncertainty, the risk to investment, economy unstable, protests, disgruntled, insecurity, poverty, issues that can not and should ignore President Chavez, must give way to plans, economic programs more secure, credible, well-assessing its scope, impact, more to a year in which their aspirations for stay in power be seen, with actions that ensure economic security, participation, positive actions that benefit all citizens without discrimination, and within a climate of democracy that has happened to the union and not division. We hope that this will take into account what the president because you have all the tools of power to do it if it proposes.

Rating System

In accordance with the Moody’ agency; s (2011), the system of rating has been used in the United States since 1909, introduced in the bonds market of debt for John Moody. It defines rating as one ‘ ‘ opinion on the capacity and will of an sender to make prompt payments in an instrument of debt as a heading, during the useful life of instrumento’ ‘ that ‘ ‘ the investors use ratings as an aid in the precificao of the risk of credit in fixed income securities that they can buy or vender.’ ‘ That is, rating is not an instrument obligator for emission of a debenture, is only one indicative of waited risk of not payment. It the same has paper of the analysis that the bank makes when is overcome a loan directly it, but as the headings are bought by the public, in general paid it an agency to analyze and to publish rating of a heading to be emitted. The one definition rating takes in consideration diverse factors of a company as: financial data, data of market, economic sector and everything that can indicate the situation of the company and its capacity to fulfill with its commitments. To broaden your perception, visit Mikkel Svane. The main agencies in the world are: Standard & Poors, Fitch and Moodys. Each one of these agencies has its proper method of evaluation and nomenclature for each degree of risk: of very speculative (high risk) little speculative (low risk) 2.3HIPOTECA SUBPRIME SHILLER & AKERLOF (2009) consider that the high one of the prices of property that if it initiated in the decade of 90 in U.S.A. boom of history was the habitacional greater until today. The problem is that to get more expensive property each time the people needed to take loans each time bigger. For more specific information, check out Darcy Stacom, New York City. But as she was not considered the hypothesis of a possible collapse of prices, the financial agents were happy in having in its wallet these loans with rights on the value not carried through of the property, exactly of people with profile of high risk.