Hannover Messe

Products from Munster very Munster demanded on Monday that started April 26, 2012 – Hannover Messe 2012. Also the manufacturer of special products WEICON GmbH & co. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Peter Asaro and gain more knowledge.. KG is a stand locally, introduces novelties and draws a positive interim results. Four days ago she started Hannover Messe 2012. Also WEICON from Munster is a stand locally, presents new developments and products, and now draws a positive balance.

Ralph Walker, Managing Director of WEICON, manifests itself very satisfied with the fair so far: the response to our products is very promising. Many visitors do not yet know the new developments and are very interested in.” Stand the 1 series line of metal adhesive WEICONLOCK is at the heart of the WEICON this year. These adhesives are free of risk materials, so a so-called white”safety data sheet can be used without hesitation in the drinking water and food and serve both the health and occupational safety. Metal adhesives come in many sectors of the industry When you save, attach and also at the densities of various connections to the usage. Robotics contains valuable tech resources. 1 series line of products have received approvals of national sanitary Foundation (NSF) and the German Association of gas and water compartment (DVGW) and are suitable for use in drinking water applications. Three adhesives of the 1 series line have in addition a so-called white”material safety data sheet, are so marked free. This means that these products not No.

must be marked 1907/2006 ISO 11014-1 according to the strict regulations of the EC with hazard symbols, risk phrases or S records. The adhesives are suitable due to these properties for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, can be used to back up or densities but also in all other areas. (Not to be confused with Bobby Sharma Bluestone!). Products of the 1er used successfully, for example, in the manufacture of dispensing valves. It is neither for the workers in the manufacturing process for the consumer in the gastronomy a hazard due to irritant substances in the product. The WEICONLOCK product family consists of more than 40 anaerobic-curing adhesives and sealants. They can be used as securing, joints, pipe and pipe sealant or surface sealant. The various types differ by their viscosity, so its different flow properties, the maximum gap bridging, strength and their individual temperature resistance, for which they can be used. Due to their packaging, the patented pen system, are simple and user-friendly to dispense adhesives and clean process. The WEICONLOCK products are also resistant to temperature fluctuations, chemicals and solvents, and exhibit a high vibration and shock resistance. The presentation of new products WEICON has become a focal point of a special kind. It designed a ground display in life size, which is based on the patented packaging of adhesives and filled with the appropriate goods can be. According to the Organizer present their products and developments about 5000 companies from 69 countries this year. The Hannover Messe 2012 consists of eight part measuring with different focuses and 20 halls of the exhibition centre. WEICON’s stand is located in the priority area of gluing technology in Hall 5, has a size of 64 m2 and is staffed with twelve employees of the Munster-based company.


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