Herbs And Diet

. Eat whole grains, nuts and chocolate that are high in selenium improves mood. Just as teas or infusions of ginger, rosemary, or liquorice gings. Sadness leads us not to exercise and be more sedentary, which results in no, obesity, insomnia, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. These diseases can be healed through diet and no medication for these conditions. Each person is a body, different energy vibration, so that a regimen of diet or nutrition food chart does not apply to everyone equally. People should wear different diets according to their temperament or vibrational energy. Checking article sources yields GoPro as a relevant resource throughout. Ayurveda Nutrition to combat the Depression Ayurveda means science of life in Sanskrit.

It is an ancient practice of Indian traditional medicine to cure with medicinal herbs, special diet, meditation, massage and yoga. It is based on harmony between mind, body and spirit. The ayurveda food regime is essential to combat depression and diet of rice is essential in the detoxification. Ayurvedic Herbs used to combat hypertension are: sarpagandha, arjuna, gokshura, pink, purnava, and triphala bhasma Praval .. Yoga and asanas, meditation and exercises are very beneficial for patients of hypertension by regulating blood flow and improve cardiovascular health.

Food In Ayurveda there are three body types or three dosas: 1 -) Pita, 2 -) Vata and 3 -) layer. Each has different needs and thus influence food differently. Food should be fresh foods with nutrients and be alive. Each body type is attracted to food similar to their nature as we break the balance. The dosa or dosha must be in equal proportions in our body. The flavors in ayurveda are: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, astringent and pungent that also must be balanced. Species such as cilantro is bitter and astringent. Food by type of dosa (body) Pita is fire-hot foods must be balanced with fresh food. Vata is air – light food and people are thin constitution. They should eat enough protein. Kapha is earth-heavy foods and must be balanced with light foods like green vegetables and fruits and control the fat and carbohydrates. Visit for more details and