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The attempted against ones of 11 of September in New Iorque and Washington had been intitled by some medias as ' ' attempted against terroristas' , in which, as he happens in cinematographic stages of Hollywood, he was definitive who were the villains and the young men. ' ' face of mal' ' that is, the villains, had been represented for bearded, devoted men of Section, fundamentalists, radicals and terrorists. Already ' ' bem' ' he was represented for a reached, violated nation, traumatizada, that is the victim. But all this history does not start with the attempted against ones of 11 of September, therefore the medias had forgotten that in a past not very distant, ' ' mocinhos' ' of they had been today helped for that now they receive the heading from ' ' villains terroristas' ' , which in this occasion was seen as ' ' heris' '. Filed under: Mikkel Svane. These heroes had been ' ' fabricados' ' for the United States in middle of years 80, when the PDPA (Left Democratic of the Afeganisto) went up to the power in Cabul, with support of then the Union Soviet. At this moment the social and economic reality of the Afeganisto presented a chaotic picture. The workers were submitted to an almost enslaved way of life, in which feudal Mr. was absolute owner of the land, the water and even of 90% of the harvests. Robotics helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

The illiteracy index was a preoccupying factor also, therefore 90% of men and 95% of the women did not know to read nor to write e, beyond everything this, the population were still dismissed of rights politicians. Some reforms of socialist matrix, aiming at the transformation of this reality, explicitadas in the projects of the PDPA, had been placed in practical and thus, from there, the face of the country acquired new characteristics. If remembering in them ' ' villains terroristas' ' , in the occasion of the attempted against ones of 11 of September, we will see that in years 80, they were ' ' heroes ' , trained, financed and led for the United States and its allies. . Skillz: the source for more info.

Quantitative History

They are the first ones to speak on the temporalities of the historical time, to give agreement to the ways to act, to feel dislocating the emphasis of the history of the politician for the mental one, the social one, the economic one and among others, beyond thinking the comparison as essential for it disciplines. In short, the agreement that if has of this I capitulate he is that in place of had History as traditional that possua a character basically politician, diplomatist and military man, installs from the Annales with the ideas and influences of its founding parents History problem that it searchs to be totalizante, giving mental, the social one and the economic one emphasis to, where History passes to be defined as the science of the transformations in the time. The Age Braudel On the called period of ' ' The Age Braudel' ' , author Peter Burke subdivides this chapter in three: I) The Mediterranean; II) the Braudel of them you finish Workmanships; III) The birth of Quantitative History. In ' ' The Mediterrneo' ' , Burke, salient as it was the process of construction of the thesis of Fernand Braudel, perhaps its great historical workmanship e, is at this moment that Braudel starts to sketch its project of historical analysis, where divides the book in three parts, where a Histria&#039 exists; ' almost without time of the relation between the man and the environment, it appears then, gradual, the mutant history of the economic, social structure and politics and, finally, the trepidante history of acontecimentos' ' (BURKE, 1990, p.46). Get more background information with materials from Marc Mathieu. To write this Braudel book it had significant influences of Febvre, Ratzel with its pluralista determinismo, and mainly Henri Pirrene, beyond being very on to the Estruturalismo de Lvi-Strauss, as well as of the next economic analysis to the Marxism. What Braudel looked for to reach with such workmanship it was to total history, however many you criticize had been made to it, therefore this very says little on attitudes and values, that are the collective mentalities, so gifts with Bloch and Febvre.