Housing Construction Technology

This stage is very important for the conduct of all subsequent work. It was during this period can be sure of the correctness of the chosen materials, the type of foundation and type of reinforcement. In the second stage works are the final drawings pile field and produced working samples. At the third stage, the direct construction of bored piles in accordance with established by the drawings. In the fourth stage is renting the basement of the bored piles to the customer, the end of the zero cycle of construction to the condition suitable for the erection of a ground part of the building. All work conducted with constant monitoring of the status of foundations and foundation soils of the surrounding buildings. Learn more at: Peter Asaro .

Technology Benefits: No installation of pile foundations of dynamic effects on surrounding buildings and facilities (small vibration during drilling, which virtually eliminates deformation and ground shaking) makes this technology suitable for work in difficult geological conditions and in high-density urban development. For example, in the central part of many buildings are landmarks, which safety is a priority for the work. In addition, the bored piles do not destroy the existing communication. Get more background information with materials from Castle Harlan. Bored piles are used in construction of buildings without basements, which excludes the excavation. They can be used as walling pits – is can not violate the foundation under the adjacent, closely spaced objects. Application of the technology of bored piles can dramatically reduce the noise level. It is so silent, allowing a radius of two meters from the car to talk quietly and listen to the interlocutor – you can work at any time without discomfort to others.

An important advantage of the adapted for housing construction technology of bored piles is ability to withstand increased loads, which allows to construct buildings up to 250 meters. The absence of voids in the body of the bored piles at the same time seal the borehole walls is achieved by using adjustable supply of concrete (concrete is supplied under pressure). Only used hydraulic concrete. To increase the bearing capacity of bored piles are used with the broadening of (they can withstand 170-200 tons), deep foundations, bored Piles of grouting under the lower end by cementing and fixing the walls of the well otburennoy silicate solution. These piles have increased strength and durability. Carrying capacity of their markedly higher than that of conventional driven piles (which reduces the number of piles in comparison with the knock-in). In this case, the bored piles, depending on their size, can be effective for the perception of heavy loads as high-rise buildings (instead of dn), and for low-rise buildings. At the stage of construction works the main advantage is the significant reduction in construction time, which is important for both the investor and the contractor. Application Technology bored piles reduces the amount of earthworks, reducing the number of fixtures and reduces the number of piles makes it possible to work around the clock in three shifts. Mobility drilling technique provides high pace of work: reducing the length of piling work and construction is cheaper. Production technology of bored piles possible to construct a freestanding pillars and walls of the piles. Scope such broad foundations – this bridge engineering and civil (tall) building, and construction of tunnels, passages, underground spaces. They are suitable for installation of wooden houses and saunas, as well as framing for homes and panel design.


Every year since the opening of the construction season irresponsible retailers trying to increase revenue, selling "Left cement. The main selling poor quality of cement is on highways, with trucks, even in the construction markets. The reason – Seasonal demand. "Poor quality" cement offer in paper bags with one labeled "PC 500" or "M-500". This is a material breach! On the container must be specified minimum standard amount of information about the product and its properties, and information about the manufacturer and the organization . A significant role has environmental notice about a product, etc.

When buying a cement sellers to ask more questions, and if your knowledge will put them in deadlock, it should ponder the question whether to buy the cement is at these suppliers. This can save you money, time and nerves. The best option to buy cement at the factory. At first glance, you may seem that the price is great, but believe me it's just the first vpechatlenie.Chto would not buy a poor-quality cement, we recommend you to buy cement from the producers who are willing to provide complete information about a product, and also have proven organizations with whom you work or your friends. Just want to add that you should not buy products at a very low price, as the saying goes "free cheese only in a mousetrap."