Flag Company

To date, every major company needs unique flag, because it is considered as a means of identification, the main task of the flag shall be considered as recognition of the company from a distance. In their functions, the flags classified as fine, warning and alarm. To waft includes those flags that are used to transmit information using a variety of visual perception. For example, the white flag signaling notifies the cease-fire, the addition of weapons, demonstrating peaceful intentions. On the road racing a yellow flag about the dangers on the road, checkered black and white – the end of the race, to the same flags are widely prevalent in the army, navy and so on. Energy Capital Partners is open to suggestions. The identification flags are classified as institutional, national (flag of the peoples), international, event-based (in case of certain events), corporate territorial, state (flag states), job (indicate the presence of certain officials) called Crafts flags and pennants, which do not contain any meaning and do not used for other purposes, except for external artistic decoration.

Such flags are observed, usually on city streets during the holidays. No secret that the production of advertising in a variety of flags may variants, and the importance given to mean tissue. The material of the flag, made of netting designed for street use, but a special weave of fibers makes it possible to reduce the 'deflation' flag. From gabardine valid only for internal use, its performance is matte, which vividly conveys shades, but not prokrashivaestya through. Rayon is a universal fabric, it perfectly suitable for both outdoor as well as for internal use, good for desktop pennants or flags. Atlas has a shiny texture, but it is suitable only for internal use (banners).

Many organizations let flags of various sizes, ranging from desktop flags, banners and ending with the giant size. You must purchase these flags, which exhibit excellent wear resistance. In addition, it is important Remember that all flags in need of treatment a particular culture. Naturally they do not have to be torn and dirty, yet the flag – a person of any company.

Upper World

Large oval associated with the symbol of the forthcoming incarnation. Very similar "to create the image and likeness", the device (not just in the sense of "structure") of the Earth and the unit of the human body – are similar. "I" Traditional meaning: and. "The combined balance", the spiritual experiences of each incarnation of man is always "balanced" material, ie, in each incarnation the physical human body as suitable for the needs of spiritual development. "HE" The traditional meaning: together, together, as well. The terms of combining financial and triangle (a control), spiritual. All of the material world is subject to a variety of spiritual laws (it is only part in the overall structure) "Derbe" The traditional meaning: the tree (?). If we consider the U as meaning the incarnation, we see that translating the presence of mind (consciousness) without prior incarnation of the spirit: the manifestation of the world minerals, flora and fauna, a stage of evolution of the soul.

"Kako" The traditional meaning: as. The sign "three dimensional", it is reminiscent of the rune "Kaun", denoting the knowledge and skills that actually can see, the spiritual human manifestation of this is determined by compliance with the law of the Upper World, on the one hand, and the behavior of the material world, on the other hand, in the past. But the spirit of man is the connecting link between the material world and the world higher laws. "PEOPLE" The traditional meaning: the people. We see a sign of "good", only the horizontal line connected embodiment of the "material – a manifestation of this (the need to exercise their spiritual development in the material world).