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    April 10th, 2017EsterUncategorized

    Abundant rains and high temperatures this spring will intensify the presence of mosquitoes. Humid places favor their reproduction. The Tiger mosquito, which has been extended significantly by the Mediterranean area are some of the most annoying bites. List: facts about mosquitoes. The rising temperatures and abundant rainfall recorded this spring will intensify during the summer plagues of mosquitoes throughout the country. According to a note sent this week by the National Association of Pest Control companies (ANECPLA), heavy rains in recent weeks have produced flooding of water favoring the occurrence of these insects, since they lay their eggs in moist places where larvae are reproduced with more ease. For the general director of ANECPLA, Milagros Fernandez Lezeta, the inconvenience caused by the massive emergence of mosquitoes this summer will be even much greater due to the amount of water stagnant the last few months. Present in all areas urban of Spain, mosquitoes are considered more as a source of inconvenience than as a vector of disease, since no space in which they live is saved from the presence of these insects seeking sources of heat, light, humidity and stagnant water.

    Before the great proliferation of these insects, pool homes, gardens, parks and restaurants not be waged this plague, warned Fernandez. The most common mosquito in temperate climates is the trumpeter mosquito, although in the past five years the Tiger mosquito has spread significantly by the Mediterranean area, attacking their victims throughout the day and being its very painful bite. Some precautions since Anecpla is advisable to use extreme caution in the summer period and establish preventive measures to avoid bites: do not leave buckets with water in the exteriors of homes, does not lead to the emergence of standing water in the gardens and renew water from foreign sprues of our pets. It is also advisable to install mosquito screens and do not expose the food or remains of food or garbage. Source of the news: a summer with more mosquitoes than usual

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    Turkish midfielder has not yet been able to debut with Real Madrid. A knee sprain had prevented up to now play any minute. Now it is another different sprained left knee which departs from the team. New injury to Turkish midfielder of Real Madrid Nuri Sahin, sprain of grade II of the internal lateral ligament of the left knee in the distal third, can have you between three and four weeks more low. Bad luck accompanies Sahin on their first steps as Real Madrid. Once in July, in the part of the North American tour, disrupted a bruise that caused him a degree knee sprain in training I, when it was a step away from his debut with Real Madrid has returned to be injured. Sahin, who do not play a game since April 15, when it fell injured with Borussia Dortmund to Freiburg in his right knee, prolonged their ordeal.

    He trained with his new teammates two days in the ciudad deportiva de Valdebebas and the prior of the Santiago Bernabeu trophy, which was planned by Jose Mourinho his debut in the final minutes, he suffered a new sprain in the same area of his left knee. Injury different Mourinho confirmed in press conference resigned. Sahin lesion is not a relapse, is another different lesion, revealed.It is not to play, so I do not want to be much more specific. I leave it to the Medical Department. I did not expect that you play in Zaragoza, why for me is not important, he said. The month of downward facing again Sahin is a setback for Mourinho, which can neither count by muscle problems with Sami Khedira and has ruled out by technical decision to Esteban Granero for Zaragoza. It causes that Fabio Coentrao is the holder in the middle Center alongside Xabi Alonso and technician not be see with bad eyes that the club does not sell to Lass Diarra. Source of the news: other injury of Nuri Sahin can you have low almost a month

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