Imagination Game

Activity is important for our kids to develop as a mental and physical. Well-planned activities are beneficial to child development. At the age of 2 years, the study of basic reading, writing and shall be such that to generate interest and curiosity. Activities should allow children to explore the world in its own way and use their imagination and creativity. Here are some activities for 2 year olds, who can like a treasure hunt.

Invent a story that tells about various animals, and tell her child. Now assemble the toys all the animals that have been in the history of the basket. Let the child leave the room briefly, and you at this time hide the toys around the room. Then write a list of all the animals that were in history, and ask your child to find and put in the basket of animal stories. Cross mark the animals to check whether all animals that have been in the history of the child found it and put in the basket.

Baby charades you need: * Imagination * Creativity is like a charade This game, in which adults play, but more simplified. Imitate a variety of animals and objects, let the child guesses what you're showing. You can also give clues to the child quickly found the answer, if it does not work for a long time, and then ask him to show something. Another option is to simulate activities, let kids guess what it is about. This game allows the child to move when you have to guess. Before the game, explain to them the rule that there should be no talking. Kids will love playing this game. This may be one of the best lessons on a rainy day. Activity 2-year-olds at home Draw your finger you will need: * Water * * Color ink sheet of paper, decorative arts and crafts will help your child use creativity and imagination. He or she will also learn to recognize colors. Give your child a blank sheet of paper and colored inks, and now let him play this game without rules. Such activities can to occupy children for hours. Tell us about the color, how and when they are used. This can help them create different images and some very light pieces such as trees, birds, hearts and flowers. Necessarily make sure the paint that are used are not toxic! It's been a few lessons for 2 year olds that can do at home, in kindergarten or playground. Parents can come up with games and activities in Depending on the interest of the child and his ability to learn, because every child has a unique way of learning and understanding. Do not use force during these events, as this may deprive the interest game. Let your child is happy during the training.