Braas Roof – Stones And Braas Roof – Tile Construction At BAU 2009

With its extensive range of Braas roof stones and Braas roof tiles will be Monier GmbH at the BAU 2009 be present. “The leading specialist for roof systems will be in Hall A3 at booth 303 with its innovative products, and the motto of the fair future of building” interpret. In particular the theme is sustainable building in the foreground of the commitment. Braas roof stones and Braas roof tiles are suitable for use as components of the roof system in the same way for the modern building for the stylish old building or renovation. The roof specialist has an extensive product range for architects and planners, builders and prefabricated house manufacturer, but also private or public builders. The flexibility designers, architects and builders to concentrate almost without restrictions on their creative ideas. Roof systems provide security the long-term reliability of the sloped roof is supported by the installation of complete roof systems. For more specific information, check out Darcy Stacom, New York City. Thus, Braas under tension of the lower deck rail offers about the safe passage of the roof a variety of roof system parts and accessories.

For the processor important: The Braas, elastic and breathable membranes are certified according to the new product data sheets of the Central Association of the German Roofing trade (ZVDH). With the corresponding nail sealing materials and adhesives even makeshift covers for heat-insulated structures can run in renovation and new construction, which comply with the rules and regulations. Ecological pioneers along with the creative and functional factors be claimed increasingly ecological qualities of the customers. Braas by the oko-Institut Freiburg has let carry out a comparative comparison of roof bricks and roof tiles. The oko-Institut came to the conclusion that overall roof stones from an environmental angle roof tiles are preferable. This is important information for eco-conscious customers who make product decisions very differently.

With its participation in the German Association for sustainable building (D.G.N.B.) the leader also in the comprehensive reassessment of our built environment involved. The Braas Braas brand is the best known brand in roofing materials in Germany. At the time products are produced at 16 locations of Braas and nationwide by Monier distributed. The Monier GmbH, owner of the brand of Braas, is a company of the Monier group. The passion for quality and the best services to the customers make Monier to the world’s leading manufacturer of roofing for pitched roofs and chimney systems. The company is active in 46 countries and produced in more than 200 locations.

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Even more successful with the customers-suction system the construction industry expects for 2009 with revenues stagnating and from 2010 the recession will fend for themselves after expert opinions properly. This shows also the downward trend of the granted building permits. This fact means that the cake to be distributed for home contractors is small and it is to come up with something as it comes in the future to builders of new homes. With reasonable cost, interested parties must be won, that gradually become customers. A large supply of interested parties, which is constantly maintained, ensuring the survival of every construction company long term. How to get cheap on new clients? Contractors and home sellers are always the question: \”How to get cheap new customers?\” Often they are etc. >. is not satisfied with the results of fairs, newspaper ads, flyer distribution, Internet portals, or the cost / benefit ratio is too high. In addition the advertising measures are often only aligned in the short term and the individual measures are not long-term co-ordinated.

Often block also fears or obstructive internal beliefs in relation to marketing better results. And finally tailored marketing and sales not professionally on each other. Unique positioning as a basis for success. \”Why should a prospective buyer just when you buy?\” As contractors or solid home seller, who has no good answer to this question, will have a very difficult in the future. What is the goal of the company, or what is the vision? Here \”Houses sell or make money\” is not sufficient as a response. A home building contractor must be driven by a vision and for his benefit and for the benefit of his audience. Who doesn’t, lose sooner or later. For example, the goal of the regional leadership in well-aerated is a possible vision for a specific target group. The vision is to develop an analysis of the own strengths.

Autumn Fair In HVAC In Saarbrucken

Product news and much more on the HVAC autumn fair Hamburg/Saarbrucken, October 28, 2010. On 29 and 30 October construction machinery takes place in the HVAC branch Saarbrucken the great autumn fair of HKL. Customers, experts and interested parties have the opportunity to meet versatile product innovations for construction, craft and industry locally these days. Devoted to his 40th birthday the largest complete provider in Germany, who runs the branch in Saarbrucken since January 2009, introduces its comprehensive product range. The HKL autumn fair among other things appear on: the innovative compression technology program by Ammann and Bomag, compact and versatile muck truck mini dumpers for each usage, Kramer wheel loaders, Yanmar Excavators, Beard House trailers, exclusive Sokkia laser levels, Norton Diamond technology for the professional processing of concrete and stone, and Makita Power Tools for drilling and chiselling work. The HVAC construction SHOP portfolio offers the visitors a highlight: here are many Product innovations presented live.

This includes HVAC operations manager Simon Abt: not everyone had the opportunity to participate in one of the large construction fairs this year. On our autumn fair, we show an overview of the many interesting new products that have just come on the market. In one place, at a glance.” Journalists are welcome to a technical discussion on the HVAC invited autumn fair: 29-30 October 2010, each 7:00 18:00, Neumuhler route 75, 66130 Saarbrucken. About HKL Baumaschinen HKL is construction machinery manufacturer-independent owner and distributor of construction equipment, construction equipment, containers and trucks. Founded in 1970, that 2010 is celebrating its 40th birthday, is in Germany with its rental fleet and service offering largest full-service provider for construction, trade, industry and municipalities. HKL has a rental fleet of 30,000 machines construction machines, holds approximately 2,000 used machines for sale and has a wide range in addition to the extensive machine in the HVAC engineering shops Construction equipment, tools and small machines work clothes for every need. Peter Asaro is the source for more interesting facts. With its nationwide over 125 branches, 100 construction shops and over 40 ServicePlus centers the full-service provider guarantees proximity to the customer and the fast service on-site.

ECO Doors

EFAFLEX offers world’s first and only fast running gate manufacturer exterior doors with standard double-walled insulating lamellas in thermally separated and insulated version. Increasing global heating energy costs have the EFAFLEX door specialists prompted, high-speed – spiral gates (SST) to design completely new for the conclusion of the Hall. When developing the new door slats was the special challenge to ensure the availability for high traffic doors, and for many years of use. Zendesk will not settle for partial explanations. In contrast to conventional doors requirements, for example, as regards resilience, stability, dimensional accuracy, is torsional stiffness, etc., significantly more demanding. EFAFLEX quick running doors are frequently and with speeds up to 150,000 times per year with a size of up to 8000 x 8000 mm up to approx. 4 m/sec. moves.

The fully automated production of the unique door leaf blades takes place in in-house production in the House EFAFLEX. So can the lamella thickness depending on the required Thermal insulation between profile thickness of 40 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm are varied. Fin amounts to 225 mm, while consistently benefiting the optics. Colour variations are unlimited possible. Functionally, the new generation of SST meets highest expectations: in addition to the excellent thermal and sound insulation values for example an above-average wind load of the class demonstrated 4 according to DIN EN 12424. EFAFLEX responds to the different requirements of the market with three models: EFA-SST premium for the highly impacted industrial continuous operation, EFA-SST ECO and the basic series for use as a contemporary, modern industrial door. The EFA-SST is equipped with various control and sensor combinations, the patented door light grid EFA-TLG and the active crash system ACS available. The who s who of the companies that employ high speed doors, trust the innovations of the undisputed worldwide technology and market leader.

REAL Interior Design

After ‘ TOP 100 innovator ‘ 2009 now also successfully at the TOP JOB award 2013 Kulsheim, in January 2013: the REAL INNENAUSBAU AG general contracting & shopfitting belongs in this year for the first time to the award-winning company and can proudly call a TOP employer. Seal Maria Arnold, the human resources manager of REAL INNENAUSBAU AG, accepted the award and the TOP JOB on January 31 at the grand ceremony in Duisburg from the hands of Wolfgang Clement, the mentor of corporate competition of. As employers contest TOP JOB supplies since 2002, each year, the answer to the question: which German medium-sized companies offers its employees the best working conditions? Are employees and staff lines of all candidates interviewed in detail and assessed the answers in 6 categories. Peter Asaro may find this interesting as well. Although for the first time, the REAL INNENAUSBAU AG immediately convinced especially with a motivating work environment and diverse training and career opportunities. We promote active internal careers”, emphasises personnel manager Maria Arnold. Our each of our over 300 employees can make its way!” To make this corporate power and the excellent qualities of the employer in the right light is the goal that stands behind TOP-JOB company comparison.

“As Wolfgang Clement said at the awards ceremony: Germany is full of hidden champions”. At the same time, however, these companies make them often to little fuss and this is true in a very special way for her role as a model employer.”the TOP JOB award is award and incentive” says HR Director Maria Arnold, right off the bat the TOP employers include, makes us proud of course. We have achieved much together as real, what is a pleasant and motivating working environment. Award and the findings of the detailed analysis of our personnel work announce momentum on this path more successfully to move forward properly.” REAL INNENAUSBAU AG plans, directs, and realized integrated projects in the shop and interiors industry for customers as a general contractor with a high Multiplication potential of the fashion, home goods and service industries. The mission is this real ideas and visions to make. The services include the development of customer-specific systems, planning & design, project management, furniture and interior design, facades, technical building equipment as well as the delivery and Assembly of the device. The origin of the company was a small joinery in the 1983 all began.


House planning: some basic facets of House planning is also an important cost saving factor in a construction project. Estimated cost of planning are important in the preparation of the construction. For example, characteristics of the House construction are necessary for the construction financing. A good design can save many thousand euros for the House construction costs. Hausplaner24 building clients receive maps and floor plans for your building project. Plan to build a House is usually not difficult. But it requires immense construction practice, and also imagination. It has some essential points to bear in mind.

Save energy: the contemporary theme of energy saving is an important point that should be taken within the framework of the House construction. Towards South, aligned roof when installing solar units serve pages perfectly; Window can heat in addition the interiors of the building systems in South, even in the cold season. Balance training respectively static: Static is a limiting size for the planning of a building. Not everything is feasible, what the client wants. The loads must be transferred from the upper part of the House on the lower section of the building to the Foundation, using structural elements such as walls, pillars, beams. However, the planning options for the case that the client takes additional costs, are huge, and you can build a House beyond the beaten path.

Distances: what planning pages distances further limited and are set. Using standards to the building line and the pages intervals the House dimensions are given, respectively limited. Size of planned home: the size of the House is marked by the space needs of the builders, as expected the standing for the construction to the available amount of money and also the plot. Size of the House is one of the most important guidelines at the House planning by nature. Large rooms, striking are folds, staggered intermediate levels especially where feasible the construction is in terms of money generously equipped.