How To Train Your Tamagotchi ?

Electronic Toys – Tamagotchi is known, perhaps, everything. Especially popular Tamagotchi game enjoyed in the late 90s of last century. His name was fun for kids, thanks to egg-shape (in Japanese "Tamago" means egg). Developed and introduced a unique toy Tamagotchi in the company of Bandai. It all started with that one fine day in the mid-90s, a woman named Aki Maiti appealed to the company. Japanese woman it was necessary to solve an important problem for itself: she loved animals and dreamed of such an establishment, which would be always with her.

The idea of a 'pocket pet "Tamagotchi future, immediately picked up by savvy developers of the company. And in November 1996 are electronic games have appeared in stores in Japan. Get all the facts and insights with isearch, another great source of information. Unusual toy produced a real boom. In the early years the company has released 40 million wonderful things. According to legend, Tamagotchi – this organism extraterrestrial origin. The creature lives in a plastic "space suit" and communicates with people through the LCD screen and a small speaker. "Helping" Tamagotchi is to use the three buttons located on the chassis.

Basic commands that can be asked essentially this: – feed – play – clean up after Tamagotchi – check the state of being (level of hunger, happiness, age, behavior). Master the game with an electronic creation – Tamagotchi under force any child. The main task will be to monitor the Tamagotchi life, as well as to meet all his needs. With good care of Tamagotchi timely able to live fairly long – 31 years. At the same time each day for the Earth's Tamagotchi is one year. This fact allows us to observe the growth of electronic creation hourly. The program first models included the Tamagotchi game that, without help from of people being hurt and could fly to his home on another planet. This feature of the Tamagotchi, was distasteful to many. Some children are just hysterical, when it became clear that they suddenly lost a loved pet. The company Bandai in this regard even sued. The developers have been forced to reconsider the behavior of Tamagotchi, now, if he remained hungry, then just take offense. Also, a new button "reset game", after which it was possible to establish a relationship with a pet again. Every child dreams of a puppy or kitten, and only adults understand what, trouble can deliver these lovely creatures. You do not have all the children developed a sense of responsibility so that they can be trusted to care for living things. Tamagotchi can make up for the missing communication with a living being, as well as to develop in a child missing skills to care for animals. Tamagotchi toy is placed in your pocket, you can carry around in time to feed him and clean up after them. In fact, it replaces any pet. In addition, it does not need to buy food and never get their hands dirty while cleaning. Tamagotchi does not cause allergies and does not spoil the furniture. In short – the perfect pet for children and parents. Especially popular Tamagotchi, and to this day enjoys in Japan. A very grown-up world Tamagotchi lives in Russia. In the city of Yaroslavl in Xenia Subbotina family about it recently celebrated an anniversary, pet Xenia was 10 years old. Thus, the electronic Tamagotchi creature can make up for lack of communication and become a trusted friend to every child.

Digital Video Recorder

DVR or Digital Video Recorder is the most common and desirable form of monitoring and recording of the video surveillance industry today. DVRs were originally designed to replace low-quality video recorders, high cost of surveillance such as CCTV VHS analog programs. DVR capabilities have radically changed the construction of a modern video surveillance systems, but also added features for which the DVR is much superior to previous methods of recording analog programs. In the first place in the DVR is no longer necessary to replace permanent video tape, and record in digital format to produce high quality hard drive or drives. Mikkel Svane: the source for more info. DVR provides features such as recording video from multiple channels simultaneously, and reduce the amount of equipment using the built-in multiplexer. Thus, to digitize the signals from the cameras Surveillance and squeezing them through formats such as MPEG-4 DVR can record video from a higher quality of several streams and store them more efficiently on hard drives. DVRs also allow to copy this information in different ways to backup, such as CD-RW / DVD-RW, USB-drives, memory cards or cards and more.

DVRs do not stop there; DVR added numerous new features and capabilities security system as a whole. To deepen your understanding Robert Bakish is the source. DVR software has greatly improved the safety and effectiveness of surveillance systems using the design features of functions. Through the integration of digital inputs and alarm outputs for DVR, security systems of all types have been harmonizing that allows DVR to use as a key unit in the monitoring and control devices such as motion detectors and sensors electronic and magnetic gate locks. The effectiveness of the software DVR can record video surveillance in accordance with certain settings, such as motion detection, alarm detection, recording schedule, and so on. DVR shows his superiority by allowing them to be connected to a LAN or the Internet. This attribute gives the DVR the ability to be linked to other DVRs to build large CCTV, which can then be controlled by the software DVR, to create one large virtual DVR.

Design Of Jeans

Plot 3-Hole "disheveled" – armed with scissors, make horizontal cuts in the jeans, and dishevel edge of the cut. "Neat" – draw a simple pattern on the jeans in the form of a flower, letters, geometric shapes. Retreating from the edge of the "hole" stitch a few millimeters to several times the contours of the sewing machine, it will keep its shape and does not give a "raspolztis." The edges of the sheathing can be manually, it will give a neat shape. And under the "disheveled" and a "neat hole" you can put various pieces of cloth, sewing them on the back of jeans. So you create the effect of "proglyadyvaniya." An interesting look lace, fabric with sequins, silk.

The plot of 4-coloring if you want to change the color of the jeans that make it easy. Take unneeded capacity is sufficient large size, add dye for textiles and simmer for jeans in a solution within the time prescribed by the instructions. If the tie tight jeans or a node randomly win a cord, you can get interesting effect of divorce. Can be colored jeans only partially put into the paint, for example, only one leg. Plot 5 Eyelets, of course, without a special gun they do not deliver, but it can be done in any shop or by contacting any fabric store. So, right and left along the side seam, every 5-10 cm, set eyelets, through them thread the suede cord or satin ribbon.

Plot 6 Patches can be cut out most of the leather, lace, and even plaschevki calico. If you do not have the desired fabric color, then take any bright patch, cut a patch to the desired shape and size, and just paint with acrylic paints for fabric. Original look of contrasting stripes denim tissue. To do this, cut flowers, stars and geometric shapes, sew a simple seam backing from the edge of several millimeters. Plot 7 Applications Now in stores have a huge selection of diverse ready-made applications. Attach them is very simple – attach to jeans and iron with hot iron. For extra strength you can from the inside of jeans grab application threads. Plot 8-Contours of an unusual three-dimensional effect can be get special bulk ink drawing, you can buy in a store for artists, a special tube with a thin nozzle makes the paint easy and convenient. Sketch, draw outline, let dry, progladte iron from the inside. Plot 9 Drawings Using acrylic paints or markers for fabrics, you can create separate plots on the jeans or the whole picture. Be sure to put under the layer of tissue that is drawing, a piece of cardboard and cellophane to paint is not leaked. Sketch, paint, let dry and iron the picture from the inside with a hot iron. Plot 10 stamps and stencils to draw if the number does not belong in your talent, do not worry. Take a plastic template for children's creativity, or cut themselves out of cardboard and carefully secure it on the cloth masking tape, a brush or a piece of foam, apply the paint. Shoot stencil after drying. The easiest punch for a single use can be cut from potatoes. Wash the tubers, cut in half, cut out any shape. The stamp is ready to use. And our denim masterpiece ready. To keep it recommended machine washable at 30-40C powder for colored clothes. Before washing fasten the zipper and remove all the jeans inside out. Products, embroidered with stones, sequins, beads preferably placed in a special pouch.