Security Computer

This article aims you know the main risks, assuming the posture of eliminate them, minimizes them, share them or took them. Knowing and understanding these risks is the factor of prevention, decisive in the process of information security. All the added investment in information protection, company may be prejudiced if the most important is not developed – the professionals who work there. Viacom is likely to increase your knowledge. Keywords: Awareness. Security Management. Follow others, such as Castle Harlan, and add to your knowledge base. Human Risk.

INTRODUCTION the present work has for objective to carry through a bibliographical and referencial analysis, from the concept of the Security of the Information, observing its use and the main found risks, emphasizing the most frequent and its consequences for the information that must be protected. Breaking itself of the estimated one that a study theoretician-metodolgico it is basic in it I assist of the development of decisive actions. It is necessary to ratify that from the concept and of the reasons that guide its causes, the solution for the impediments can be found ocorrentes, providing the knowledge of the risk as preventive factor. Security guard of the Information is related with the protection of a data set, in the direction to preserve the value that possesss for an individual or an organization. The attributes of confidencialidade, integrity and availability are characteristic basic of the security of the information, not being this restricted security only the computational systems, electronic information or systems of storage. The concept if applies to all the aspects of protection of information and data. The concept of Security Computer science or Security of Computers closely is related with the one of Security of the Information, having included not only the security of the data/information, but also of the systems in itself. The concept of Security of the Information is standardized for norm ISO/IEC 17799:2005, being influenced by the English standard, Standard British, BS 7799. Norms ISO/IEC 27000 had been reserved to approach the standards of this denomination appraised here.

Roof Repair

Modern architectural and construction requirements to improve the appearance and increase the diversity decorating buildings literally forced consumers to abandon the use of such material is tested as slate. Some people prefer metal roofing, someone more like the French "Onduline" (by the way, like, first of all, because it reminds us the usual slate), some prefer "Katepal" or other related soft roofing materials. The choice of roofing materials on the market now huge, and it may be so, in the direction of Slate looks rare buyer – it gray, ugly and beautiful against the background of new roofing materials are simply eliminated. Here are just all these new and interesting materials are not so cheap. But still about the same as what it costs to own a roofing material, have to pay for the work. In general, make up your mind before you cover a new roof or to change the old – not once think. Well, what if the available money is not enough for any of the new roofing materials and roof cover should be? It was then, and it is worth remembering slate.

How much he is so bad? Gray and ugly – so it's fixable. Asbestos it contains, and its particles are "pylyat" in the environment? Fixable, and it is. You just have to paint it. Painted with special paint for the slate. The more so that all manufacturers of paints for slate with one voice assure that the slate after this "dust" of asbestos will not be. He will not do so thick paint film.

How to paint slate? Information on this issue, we decided to look into an omnipresent and omniscient Internet. That's what we found about 2 hours of searching. Special paint for Slate offers both foreign and domestic manufacturers. All of them are applied by brush, roller, pnevmoraspylitelem. Let's start with the paint overseas.